Sari Schorr / “The impossibility of touring because of COVID-19 has been a crushing blow”

Sari Schorr should have completed her headline ‘Live in Europe’ tour, visiting most of Europe and including several shows with Robin Trower, but COVID-19 killed that concert party.

Sari has used lockdown to work on her creative skills and has produced a new video for her latest single ‘Turn The Radio On’, capturing time-lapse shots of clouds racing across New York, lens flare, horses racing and much more. You can watch the video below, or find the single on all digital platforms or via smarturl.it/ssradioon

On the back of her ‘Live In Europe‘ album, the tour would have been Sari’s most extensive tour to date and, like most musicians during lockdown, it has been difficult to adjust to the new normal.

Sari told MetalTalk: “It is hard, maybe impossible, to always keep things in perspective. I think a lot about the past. Life paves this beautiful road for us to roam, but it is bumpy and narrow with twists and turns, offering up hit or miss guardrails that stand as our last defence between serenity and regret.

“Regret is an undesirable bedfellow. It visits me on those long sleepless nights. When the Sun finally rises, I am trapped between the past and present: that is when I begin to write.

“Telling stories in a song brings me back to the present.

“I can see my perspective is refocused. After I finished writing ‘Turn The Radio On’, I felt less isolated because I knew there would be other people for whom the song would also resonate.

“The impossibility of touring because of COVID-19 has been a crushing blow.

“I am a storyteller who is inspired and motivated by my audience. I have had to reinvent a method for creating and sharing the art of live performance. I have turned to producing music videos to expand the definition of what performance looks like during a global pandemic.

“Creating this visual representation of my music has been a monumental challenge, first and foremost because I am not a filmmaker and have no professional equipment at my disposal.

“Furthermore, location options were limited due to the pandemic. And, learning my way around Final Cut Pro (software not for unadventurous) took a mix of naivety and grit.

“So, the craft of storytelling is presented through the lens of my iPhone rather than through stagecraft, but I hope the connection with the audience will be as rewarding and memorable.”

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