Roxville debut Desert Storm from highly recommended Fallen From Grace

It is an odd period in music when melodic, riff-heavy rock has largely left mainstream charts while, at the same time, the genre has experienced a rebirth from the grassroots up as a whole new generation of bands who picked up the torch.

Words: Kahmel Farahani

While the field can occasionally become crowded with new releases, sometimes a debut album arrives that is so impressive you end up playing it to anyone and everyone you know. The songs melodic sensibilities harken back to prime 80s Dokken and Sykes era Whitesnake.

With artwork by Richie Faulkner from Judas Priest and backing Sisters of Mercy and Diamond Black guitarist Ben Christo, several famous faces are involved. However, it’s the unsung, unsigned and independent talent that is the most impressive thing here.

Roxville - Fallen From Grace album cover

Masterminded, written and performed by Metalworks guitarist and songwriter Rocco Valentino and supported by some of London’s finest session hands, the 13 tracks spread across Roxville’s debut album ‘Fallen From Grace’ make up one of the strongest melodic rock records this writer has heard in a very long time.

Opening with a straight-ahead, Motorhead like riff, ‘Crash N’ Burn’ is the perfect shot of high-octane rock to get things started. They get even better with ‘Come Alive’. The Album’s first single mixes ultra-catchy and melodic vocals with chunky, satisfying riffs and a chorus that will refuse to leave your head for the next week.

‘Let You Go’ is killer AOR tinted perfection, starting slow before turning into an upbeat, danceable rocker in the style that would be instantly familiar to Bon Jovi and Winger fans. ‘Gone’ is straight up, chunky hard rock guitars and layered vocals.

‘Desert Storm’ is another highlight. A glorious wind in your hair bridge leads into a hugely satisfying chorus. You can watch the video make its exclusive debut right here at MetalTalk, below.

‘Solitaire’ is a great mid-tempo rocker from the early Skid Row school of polished, glam tinged anthems, complete with a shimmering guitar solo. ‘Electric’ is an intoxicating change of pace, complete with a sultry saxophone bleeding into the mix. With hints of the mid-80s, ‘Turbo’ era Judas Priest, the album ends with the high energy anthem ‘Had It Coming’.

From the impeccable musicianship to the smooth as butter production, it is hard to find any negatives.

‘Fallen From Grace’ is a finely crafted, melodic hard rock masterpiece. Highly recommended.

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