Rage Of Light / Martyna Halas announced as new vocalist

Swiss trance Metal/melodic Death Metal band Rage Of Light has announced that Martyna Halas is their new singer, following Melissa Bonny’s departure earlier this year.

The band have released a new version of the song Fallen, from their debut album Imploder with Martyna on vocals, which you can watch below.

Rage Of Light and Martyna are working on the band’s second album, with nine songs already completed. “Martyna has done a fantastic job so far with the new songs, and we can’t wait to share them with you,” the band told MetalTalk.

“I am thrilled to join Jon and Noé on this exciting new journey,” Martyna told us. “I’ve always found the hybrid of trance and Metal very striking, so when I was given the opportunity to become part of Rage of Light, I just had to say yes.

“I am looking forward to this new chapter, and I can’t wait to reveal the fruits of our hard work in the past few months. Get ready and let there be light!”

The band said, “We are super excited and happy to announce our new singer, Martyna Halas. Martyna lives in The Netherlands and is also the singer of the metal band Ascend The Hollow.

“When we first heard her singing during the audition process, we immediately loved her voice and her creativity. Versatility isn’t a word strong enough to describe what she’s able to do, both with clean and harsh vocals.

“When we got to know her better and discovered her personality, we knew she was the right person for the band, even if we were initially looking for someone who also lives in Switzerland. But we could definitely not miss the opportunity to work with.”

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