Quiver are that scratch for every rock ‘n’ roll itch

New London-based quintet Quiver are bringing the globe together with the power of the electric guitar. Each member of the band hails from a different country, adding their own special magic to the heady melting pot of classic hard rock displayed in this, their debut release.

Quiver – Quiver EP

Release Date: Out Now

Words: Paul Monkhouse

Vocalist Rodrigo Oliveira, guitarists Medrick Miara and Moumen Rais, drummer Bartozz Podebski and bass player Vasi Pasniciuc have more than just their different identities as their calling card, the outfit playing the sort of music that filled the arenas and stadiums of the ’70s and ’80s but with their own modern twist.

Quiver - Debut EP cover
Quiver – Debut EP out now.

Like a stroll through your well-thumbed vinyl treasures, there’s a warm familiarity here as Quiver are not afraid to dip their toes into several influences as they mould their own sound. There may be only a sextet of songs in this first salvo by the band, but each powerfully hits its mark, and the impression is not just one that hints at nostalgia but raises the stakes even higher.

The earlier single, the swaggering Sassy, adds the dirty blues of AC/DC into their own volcanic brew of a high-octane blast of blistering fretwork and crunchy soul.

Like Dirty Honey and other young, hungry guns on the scene, theirs seems to be a mission to make rock music a visceral, fun and exciting thing once more, driven by the passion for creating something of worth rather than going after the almighty dollar.

With its blend of Black Crowes, Blackberry Smoke and early Status Quo, My Kinda Woman is soulful Southern Rock boogie, all blue collar, sweat and tasty soloing as they kick things off in fine style.

The titanic All Or Nothing is the filthy love child of a back-alley liaison between Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith, while Fooled Me has that class and style you associate with Dirty Honey. Alrighty Then, Fade Away and White I Belong close the EP, all as equally stylish as their predecessors.

Enough to make grown men weep with joy, Quiver are that scratch for every rock ‘n’ roll itch you have. Crank it up, grab a beer, clear away the furniture and get ready to throw shapes as the music takes you over.

There’s no other choice but to surrender.

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