ONI / A Crushing And Complete Testament To Jake Oni’s Strength Of Vision

Jake Oni proves that one man can shake the music scene up as ONI unleash their third album on the world. With the man himself doing practically everything on the release, it’s a testament to his strength of vision that The Silver Line sounds so crushing and complete, not just a vanity project hurled into the ether by a giant ego.

ONI – The Silver Line

Release Date: Out Now

Words: Paul Monkhouse

Having paid his dues on the road with bands such as Megadeth, Gojira and The Devin Townsend Project, amongst others, Oni have shown they are a vital live act rather than purely a studio-bound creation.

ONI - The Silver Line album cover
ONI – The Silver Line – The revolution starts here.

A swift follow-up to last year’s sophomore album Loathing Light, this new opus carries all the razor-sharp and muscular Metalcore that brings the visceral edge to their live shows, blended with the gleaming tech edge that gives it so much freshness. More a statement of intent than an album at times, this rages and sparks as it rampages as anthems are soaked with brutality across the nine tracks. The heavy load is shared, too, with a number of guests joining in with Oni to provide added weight to the curves and swing along the way.

Out of the gate swinging like a man possessed, Silhouette is a sweeping and buoyant start that bristles with energy and world-conquering power, its immediate launch into the stratosphere a breathless and assured one.

Next up, Sueco joins in for the eviscerating riffing and full-throated workout of Spark as the tempo doesn’t let up but brings enough light and shade to bring that rollercoaster thrill. There’s a touch of sugar and spice as Sleeping With Sirens Kellin Quinn adds his vocals to the bruising Underneath My Skin and made for Download Festival-sized stages blast of Silence featuring Jared Dines is a tsunami of sound and fury.

Hella Rock Festival

The guests keep coming, and it’s a testament to Oni that he can attract talent such as Justin Hill from Sikth, Howard Jones, Josh Gilbert and Michael Lessard to join the ride with him, each adding their own flavours to the mix.

Blazing with dark colours and truth, songs titled Cyanide, The Dread, Armageddon and Burns My Soul may seem like this is an exercise in doom, but strangely, the whole is an uplifting and thrilling experience that defies expectations.

Well-rounded and with killer tunes that instantly embed themselves into your head, The Silver Line has the same ground-shifting feel of Linkin Park’s seminal Hybrid Theory and should be very warmly welcomed by Metalheads across the world. The revolution starts here.

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