MTTV Episode Fourteen: Rockin The Bowl

31 July 2020

Episode Fourteen of MTTV sees Kahmel Farahani sit down with the organisers of Sheffield’s own Rockin’ The Bowl festival to ask them how this lockdown has affected their festival, their goals and what they have planned for 2021.

With the global COVID-19 situation developing, this years Festival was naturally postponed.

Steve and Zhany Hughes tell MetalTalk: “We’re not going to lie, it was very stressful. I’m sure all festival and event organizers had a hard time especially with very little practical guidance. So we decided to be as transparent as we can with our supports – people don’t like being treated like children”.

On lockdown changing their plans:

“We thought due to circumstances we can’t go ahead this year, so lets make it three times as big next year! Lets make it count”.

On putting together a lineup:

“Our mindset was that we don’t want this to be a nostalgia fest and we wanted to seriously encourage up and coming bands because the amount of talent that’s out there is huge.”

On making next year extra special:

“We had the ability to give our supporters more so the £20 ticket rolls over into 3 days! We were overwhelmed by the positivity – nobody expected us to start and our support is actually growing.”

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