Cory Marks / Introducing the King of the Country Rock crossover

King of the Country Rock crossover Cory Marks will release his new album ‘Who I Am’ on 7 August, via Better Noise Music Nashville.

Growing up in North Bay, Ontario, Marks found solace in Deep Purple, Ozzy Osbourne and Rush, while also listening to his parents Country records and becoming familiar with outlaws such as Waylon Jennings and Merle Haggard.

Growing up, he was playing music music privately, but was forced into this his first gig while at college, as his friends pushed him on stage at a local bar as the resident musician took a break.

Marks told MetalTalk: “My friends knew I played a little music, and they were chanting for me to do some songs. It was a packed little bar. I did two originals and two covers, and afterward, people were coming up to me and asking where I was playing next.

“I didn’t have an answer for them, because this was literally the first time I’d ever sung in front of anyone.”

A regular slot at the bar followed and, after time, more original songs followed and Cory hit the road.

‘Who I Am’ was recorded with award-winning producer Kevin Churko, who has collaborated with Country artists like Shania Twain and Metal icons like Ozzy Osbourne.

Cory says of the partnership: “We both appreciate country music greats like Merle Haggard and Waylon Jennings, but we love the heavier side of Rock and Roll and Metal, too.

“We decided to mash it all together. It’s funny, because when I was growing up, my favorite records were Ozzy records.

“I dreamt of having that kind of production on one of my own records. Sure enough, seven years into my career, I’ve partnered with the producer who worked on all those albums. What a cool circle”.

One track from the album, ‘Outlaws and Outsiders’ has been included in the soundtrack for the film ‘Sno Babies’. The film is a tale about the grim realities of teenage drug addiction and its effects on a middle-class suburban town.

The track, which you can hear below, includes contributions from Ivan Moody (Five Finger Death Punch), Travis Tritt and Mick Mars (Mötley Crüe).

Cory tells us: “‘Outlaws and Outsiders’ is a song for anyone who’s ever felt different, or like an outsider period. You can be an outlaw in many different ways and as an artist, for me it’s simply creating something different, something unique and out of the box.

“It is doing my own thing and telling my own story.

“It’s one thing as an artist to have your music released on streaming platforms and played on the radio (you hope), but to have your music included in a film such as this is a whole other level of amazing – a damn cool accomplishment as an artist and songwriter.

“The opioid epidemic is only getting worse, especially during times like this where the world is literally shut down.

“I hope this song and film inspires people to let them know there is always help and other ways to cope with difficult times and circumstances.”

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