MetalTalk Gig Of The Week / Martin Turner Ex Wishbone Ash at Trading Boundaries

19 August 2020

Wishbone Ash founding member Martin Turner takes his band to Trading Boundaries, Sheffield Green, East Sussex, this Friday (21 August) for an outdoor socially distanced gig.

This unique destination is not only a top class music venue but is home to independent retails outlets and a fine art gallery featuring the work of renowned album cover artist Roger Dean (Yes, Asia).

In an interesting twist, the sound from the gig will be fed to people via ‘silent disco’ type headsets – essentially a set of good quality headphones. The headsets are guaranteed COVID-19 safe through a process of UV sterilisation with each headset being quarantined for three weeks between use

Turner told MetalTalk: “Wowey Zowie!! My people tell me we are suddenly doing a gig later this week at Trading Boundries.

“Yessir about time too. I am more than ready, if you are there I’ll see you. A silent disco type socially distanced gig

One of the many innovations everyone is coming up with.”

You can book tickets at

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