Mad Nona / Mouthwatering second single released by MetalTalk’s unsigned favourites

Unsigned and self-financed, MetalTalk favourites Mad Nona have released their second single ‘Paranoia’, taken from their self-titled debut album. You can catch the track on MetalTalk Soundcloud Tracks of the Week playlist.

The band that come from the land of the ice and snow have been compared with early Mötley Crüe. They recorded the album in guitarist Thor’s home studio, telling us earlier that they were “super proud of getting the sound we got by recording from his hallway.”

We first reported that the debut album ‘Mad Nona’ was superbly well crafted and that we hoped that it received the recognition it deserves, having been drawn in by a superb collection of songs.

MetalTalk spoke with vocalist Arnar again, to find out how things had been progressing since release day.

MetalTalk: With the album out now, how have you found the process? Have you had any feedback and has the album been as well received as MetalTalk had hoped?

Arnar: “Yes, the album is out and we are so damn proud of it. Our Twitter account received a tweet quoting: “this is the best rock album I’ve bought in years. No weak tracks. Mad Nona, you guys created something special here! Much needed and well done!!”

“We have had both reviews and interviews from around the globe which have been insanely positive and frankly we did not expect our debut album to be welcomed so well, because this album was all about finding our own sound, groove and ourselves, so we just love that people like it so much.

“It just makes you want to write another album already you know!

“Of course, there have been voices mentioning a few things that were not liked as much as others, like the voice effect in ‘Tornado Jane’ and that ‘Hysterical Banshee’ was a song that people did not think fit the album, but it was our first experiment, so we soak everything in.

“We have noticed that Playlist Curators have been confused with ‘Paranoia’ stating they simply can not wrap their hands around what it is – no particular chorus, no particular verse, just power all the way through and they did nit get it, but liked it a lot.

“Well, we don’t blame them because we ca not describe it either and that is why we love it.

“Overall, getting compared to early Mötley Crüe, having received messages from all over and acquiring major respect for our sound and music, we could not be any happier with our debut.”

Any plans for a live gig, now? Has the COVID-19 situation changed over in Iceland since we last spoke? Have you been able to rehearse or anything like that?

“It’s a funny thing, in a sense, that you ask this question, because the last time we spoke the pandemic was rapidly declining here in Iceland, allowing life to get a long way to it’s usual self.

“But these last few weeks we have seen a big turnaround with it hitting us harder than in the first wave, ultimately leaving us facing the worst of it, which has caused all music life whatsoever to pause, as well as resulting in more extreme society restrictions.

“We have not been able to get together on a single occasion since we released our album and it sucks big-time.

“We haven’t even had a f*****g beer together to celebrate the release.

“We will probably make 2021 our stage entry year, since nothing positive will happen here before the end of the year we assume.”

With the album’s release are you all energised, roaring and ready to go? Have you started writing any new songs yet?

We are so pumped up after the release and since live gigs are not going to be allowed in the foreseeable future, we have just turned our energy into promoting it.

“And we can tell you guys that we have indeed started working on new material, which we believe might even be more intense and more powerful than our debut. 

“You will get it right away, that’s for damn sure.”

And MetalTalk will be ready and waiting. The race is on to see where and when we get to witness this live.

Listen to ‘Paranoia’ on the MetalTalk Soundclound Tracks of the Week Playlist now.

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