Longheads fear Mars Doesn’t Feel Like Home Anymore

Heavy psych-rockers Longheads will release their second EP, Mars Doesn’t Feel Like Home Anymore, on 2 November 2022 via Longreel records, with the first track Longherder, available to listen to now.

“Longherder and the rest of the EP is based on one narrative from a short story I wrote in lockdown,” Lead singer and bassist Sam Mitchell says. “The lyrics and music for the track were intended to be repetitive, to the point, always returning back to the main riff, which is the focal point of the song to represent the hope and fight the main character needs to inherit.”

Longheads - Mars Doesn't Feel Like Home Anymore

Clocking in at almost nine minutes, Longherder is already a staple of their live shows.

“The story it’s taken from follows a hermit creature and his sheltered existence within a spiritual wilderness,” Mitchell says. “For the most part, the hermit’s approach to life is naive, stuck in the ways that feel comfortable until the solar flares from the black sun start happening again, a catalyst for what’s to come.”

Mars Doesn’t Feel Like Home Anymore is the follow-up to their 2021 debut EP Higher Than Bacteria, and finds Longheads taking a much looser approach when it came to both writing and recording, incorporating improvised jam sections and capturing the band’s incredible live energy to the songs on record.

“When gigs started happening again last year,” guitarist Al Bishop said, “we found ourselves in a position where we needed to write songs to fill up the space in our set. Because of this, we started playing the new songs live as soon as they were finished, and we continued to change and refine them based on how they went down.”

Originally hailing from Norfolk, the band who are completed by Nick Oakes (drums), Benjamin Reeve (guitar & vocals) and Mitchell Corrigan (synths), are based in South London where a few of the members live in the Guardianship scheme occupying various sites and spaces across London.

The EP was recorded at the band’s Longreel Studios, situated in an old theatre opposite the oval cricket ground. A week after they had finished all the live tracks, they were handed their one-month notice and had to dismantle the studio.

For more information on Longheads, visit https://linktr.ee/longheads

A live session recorded at Longreel Studios can be watched below.

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