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With 2020’s Festival Season upon us and little sight of any positive gig news, it is memories of past gigs which serve to remind us what we are missing.

The live music, the venues and the crowds all add to the experience we all love, whether it be the 85,000+ at Wacken or the 100+ at small independent regional festivals.

The UK live music industry contributed £4.5bn to the economy in 2019 and now half the industry’s workers are unemployed and a majority of Grass Root Venues are facing closure.

Today the music industry is joining together as one to highlight the unprecedented level of loss and risk being experienced by all those who work under the banner of live events.

Photographer John Inglis has covered many events for MetalTalk and he has been reminiscing about three of his favourite moments at Bloodstock, as we urge the Governments around the world to #LetTheMusicPlay.

Cover Photo – Photo Crew At Bloodstock.

“This is one of my absolute favourite photos taken at Bloodstock. A hard working crew, so focused behind the scenes but we had time to smile. It was so worth it.”

Photo of a man in a Wheelchair, crowd surfing at Bloodstock

“I took this for Metaltalk at Bloodstock 2018, when Suicidal Tendencies hit the Sophie Stage. He made it all the way from the back, what’s your excuse not to go?”

Ten Ton Slug on the Spohie Stage at Bloodstock

“Ten Ton Slug on the Sophie stage, I climbed into the Front Of House sound desk area and took this shot, I don’t think I’ve ever seen this stage so full”.

See more of John’s photos from Bloodstock 2019

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