Best Cello Bows If You’re In A Tight Budget

If you are in need of a new cello bow but don’t have the budget, it may hinder you from playing the instrument. However, there are a lot of cello bows that are budget-friendly and made of good quality materials. 

Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Bow

This durable and resilient carbon fiber bow draws a lot of attention from cello players of all levels. At a standard price of $78, many beginner and expert cellists choose to purchase the Fiddlerman carbon fiber bow. In comparison with other inexpensive carbon fiber cello bows, its quality really stood out among them and even went beyond a few, inexpensive Pernambuco wood. It has a great balanced arch and weight distribution that suits every beginner cellist and is considered to be a step-up bow.

D Z Strad Cello Bow

Another superb cello bow under $100, the D Z Strad cello bow is made up of dense Brazilwood with silver-lined touches. It features a round stick and Ebony frog with a well-distributed weight for a balanced response. It has a furnished Mongolian Grade AA horsehair that is a great option for beginner cellists as well. 

Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Weave Cello Bow

Normally costs $97, The Fiddlerman carbon fiber weave cello bow is another potentially amazing bow that can be compared with other inexpensive Pernambuco bows. Some reviews say that it is different from the regular carbon fiber cello bows and has a little more weight compared to others. But its balance is great, knowing that its weight is well-distributed. This is perfect for beginner and intermediate cello players. 

Holstein Green Sandalwood Cello Bow

This cello bow works best for intermediate players or beginner players who are transitioning to a new level. Holstein Green Sandalwood cello bow is made from high-quality sandalwood crafted with Siberian horsehair. It is also well-balanced and created a great projection that can be purchased for as low as $89. 

Fiddlerman Hybrid Cello Bow

This may be the most expensive on the list, but we can’t help but add it because of its surprisingly amazing performance. It has beautiful craftsmanship and produces a rich great tone while providing you a comfortable feeling while playing. It is also a solid starter for those who are new in playing the cello. The Fiddlerman Hybrid cello bow costs $140 on music stores and online shops.

While there are a lot of choices when it comes to the cello bow, you should always stick to what works best for you and your instrument. Apart from checking for its weight and balance, you should try it out with your cello to see if they complement each other. Buying a cello bow doesn’t have to be expensive, especially if you’re still a beginner cello player. You also have to learn the proper way of maintaining and taking care of your cello and cello bow. And with good quality and budget-friendly cello bow, incorporated with practice and determination, you will surely improve your skills in playing the cello. 

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