Older sibling of late star Stevie Ray, Jimmie Vaughan is an absolute icon in his own right.

Words: Dany Jones, Pictures: Aggie Anthimidou

The Vaughan brothers are no strangers to the limelight and extensive touring, and Jimmy has recently graced the UK with a string of dates, including an all star support to Eric Clapton at the Royal Albert Hall for three near consecutive nights.

The Austin legend opted to follow the RAH gigs with a headline show at the historic Dingwalls, set right in the heart of London’s music capital, Camden Town, as the place for the launch of his latest album ‘Baby, Please Come Home’.

jimmie vaughan

Vaughan holds this place dear as he has played several times during past glories as part of the historic blues outfit The Fabulous Thunderbirds.

The occasion sees full band, including rhythm and brass sections, keys, guitars and, of course, a well suited and booted Jimmy himself, brandishing his iconic Strat and taking the lead on the vocals.

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Alternating straightforward 12 bar blues with more up-tempo boogie and rock’n’roll numbers, between originals and covers, the full house enjoyed a lengthy nineteen song set, including two encores. The performance saw a good balance of three sections with full band at either end and a stripped down trio section as its core.

jimmie vaughan

The opener is an instrumental, which leaves room for each instrument to really shine and certainly assert their place of importance in the ensemble with plenty of solos and lead lines taken in turn.

The rest of the set sees a perfect juxtaposition of uplifting energy and somber self-reflection. On numbers like ‘Dirty Work’ and ‘Silly Dilly Woman’ the mood quickly picks up, to then mellow again with ‘No One To Talk To (But The Blues), or ‘Frame For The Blues’, ‘It’s Been A Long Time’ and ‘Still In Love With You’.

‘Baby, Please Come Home’ has a heart wrenching saxophone solo that perfectly mimics the longing and sadness portrayed by the lyrics, while ‘Roll Roll Roll’ makes out they even left room for some on the spot improvisation.

jimmie vaughan

Finally, whether you are a connoisseur or not, you could not help but partaking in the sing-a-long of ‘Hey Baby’.

You have to give it to Jimmie Vaughan – he is just like good wine; the years go by, yet the suave Texan star shines just as bright, with great charisma, on point vocals and his signature open hand technique. Blues is timeless and so is this true artist.


jimmie vaughan

jimmie vaughan

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