Iron Maiden / Corin Hardy carves The Edless Horseman for Halloween special

30 October 2020

British horror movie director Corin Hardy has hand carved an Eddie style pumpkin head with The Edless Horseman set to join the lineup in the Iron Maiden mobile game as part of the Halloween update.

The update for the game sees The Edless Horseman join the Dracula’s Return dungeon alongside the must requested X Factor Eddie.

Iron Maiden Legacy Of The Beast

The Edless Horseman was created with fear and chaos in mind. “The Edless Horseman is all about stunning the enemy and punishing them through Fear. The name of the Edless Horseman’s passive is obviously from the track ‘Los’er Words’ (Big ‘Orra) and I was jamming to that a bunch while designing his attacks!” write the lead program designer.

Corin Hardy has directed films such as The Nun and The Hallow and has been a Monster Maker since the age of twelve.

Iron Maiden Legacy Of The Beast

In the update, you have to win Halloween Souls in order to get a chance at The Edless Horseman and X Factor Eddie.

Send us your screenshots, if you manage it!

Iron Maiden Legacy Of The Beast

Iron Maiden Legacy Of The Beast

Iron Maiden Legacy Of The Beast

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