Introducing Martiné – The Lana Del Rey of Heavy Metal

Martiné – The Lana Del Rey of Heavy Metal. The ability of hard rock and Metal to morph, chameleon-like, over the years has meant that it remains as vital and thrilling as it ever was. This ability to adapt has seen artists bring a dizzying array of skills into the melting pot, capturing the hearts of new generations whilst reinvigorating passions for those whose love affair with high-volume rock ‘n’ roll goes back decades.

Whilst some may say that certain subgenres came along to kill others (punk and grunge, we’re looking at you), time has revealed that there truly is room for everything, seventy-year-old Led Zeppelin fans getting off on Bring Me The Horizon and Architects and kids brought up on Radio 1 promoted dance music suddenly discovering Jimi Hendrix and Black Sabbath.

Some of the most interesting artists to emerge onto the scene in the last few years hail from Scandinavia, the wintery landscapes and sweeping desolation peppered by the Northern Lights seemingly fertile musical ground for that part of the world.

Starting to make waves from her base in Copenhagen, Martinė is the latest enigma to appear seemingly fully formed into the Metal dominions, her mysterious demeanour and intoxicating blend of rock and pop quite unlike anything that’s come before.

With a shimmering swish of Goth and the crunch of something more industrial yet sparkling, she’s thrown in some lush pop stylings bubbling through, and her new single, Oxytocin, is a towering opening statement.

“My inspiration for this song was the very powerful hormone Oxytocin, which is also released when falling in love or by physical touch,” Martinė told us. “The lyrics reflect how to embrace the power of one’s femininity and learn how to use that to set boundaries. It is definitely a song about being in control and not getting blinded by Oxytocin.”

While some may be parochial and blanche at the term ‘crossover’, Martinė has nailed her sound, and it’s one that should grab anyone and everyone with an ear to listen.

Oxytocin is available on all streaming services from today through Prime Collective, and Martinė promises a string of singles through 2023.

The next chapter is just beginning.

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