Hot Breath / Young, hungry and full of passion

Brought up on a diet of dirty Rock ‘N’ Roll, it is no surprise that Swedish hellraisers Hot Breath pour all that passion and fury into this, their fiery debut album.

Hot Breath – Rubbery Lips (The Sign Records)

Release Date: 9 April 2021

Words: Paul Monkhouse

Despite the popular misconception that the nation is as clean-lined and precise as its global image presents, there are few countries who so happily and wholly embrace loud guitars and attendant hurly burly as the Swedes.

This then has provided the perfect breeding ground for an ever-growing number of bands who are determined to show there is so much more to their homeland than ABBA and IKEA, and Hot Breath are a very welcome addition to this pantheon of talent.

Cover of Rubbery Lips from Hot Breath

There is a joyous and youthful energy at work here that drives the music that fills this ten-track release, which ranges from the sugar rush of whisky and beer soaked riffage of first number ‘Right Time’ and beyond. The band wear their hearts on their sleeves, loud and proud of who they are and determined in where they are going.

Second track ‘Magnetic’ revels in its dark and dangerous edge, a land where AC/DC and Guns ‘N’ Roses meet in an alley behind an all-hours bar, switchblades at the ready, while the curiously named ‘Last Barang’ is a psychedelic motor bike ride, all roaring engines, speed and hot Metal.

The band know when to take their foot of the gas though as perfectly demonstrated in the gorgeously addictive ‘Who’s The One’, with it’s perfect pop sheen that brings to mind a hybrid of the popular girl groups of the 60’s mixed with 70’s glam rock, singer Jennifer Israelsson’s vocals drawing you inexorably in.

After that it is straight back to business with the roar of ‘Adapted Minds’ whilst ‘Turn Your Back’ and ‘One Hit (To The Body)’ are shot through with a grimy 70’s Glam Rock fire.

There is a snotty Punk attitude stretching the seams of the roller coaster ride that is ‘What To Do’ and the four to the floor Rock ‘N’ Roll of ‘Bad Feeling’ closes things nicely.

The heads down attitude of the band as they plough their way through this full-length opening salvo should see them going a long way, their armory of riffs matched with a well crafted and astute collection of material that shows that they are much more than a one trick pony.

Whilst the band may have a particularly quirky name, their style is one that should draw universal attention and ‘Rubber Lips’ is certainly a very strong and promising start to this latest particular wave of the Swedish invasion.

Young, hungry and full of passion, Hot Breath are out for blood.

Sleeve Notes

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