Hellfest 2024 / Kerry King – A Masterclass In Brutality And Precision.

Hellfest Festival 2024 – Clisson. Thursday. We are here, and the minds of the three MetalTalk team members are already blown (our quartet will be completed later today). Hellfest is not just a festival. It is a small town in its own right.

The giant guitars, amps and effects pedals that greet your entrance and the multiple buildings here are like a Heavy Metal Disneyland. You just have to see it to believe it.

Hellfest Festival 2024, Clisson.
Hellfest Festival 2024, Clisson.

Playing on the Hell Stage in the middle of Hellcity, Indonesian punk Metal outfit Turtles Junior were a bracing start to the day. With enough energy to power the whole festival, numbers like Wartime, No Police, No Pollution and the chaos of Kuya Ngora got circle pits forming in the blazing sun, and when the band was passing out whisky, the euphoria was blurred majesty.

A little layer Sheffield thrasher Manic Aggression bought some British steel to the day, winning the chance to play here lustily embraced. Metallica style fretwork and raw humour blended in a mix that was like own brand vodka: rough-edged but highly effective. 12 Gauge and Messiah are huge numbers, their short, sharp edges like going fifteen rounds with a cage fighter. You will be hearing a lot more from the boys soon.

Kerry King - Hellfest Festival 2024, Clisson.
Kerry King – Hellfest Festival 2024, Clisson. Photo: Kahmel Farahani/MetalTalk

Kerry King

Fresh off the back of a successful UK tour, Kerry King, the Slayer axe man, is back in Hellfest with a vengence. King is joined by former Machine Head Guitar player and all-around thrash legend Phil Demmel.

Between them, they shred their way through a set that should be an example to all young and aspiring metal bands. “We know you’ve come from all over the fucking world to be here at the greatest metal festival there is,” says singer Mark Osegueda.

Kerry King - Hellfest Festival 2024, Clisson.
Kerry King – Hellfest Festival 2024, Clisson. Photo: Kahmel Farahani/MetalTalk

King’s own solo material is very satisfying, especially songs like Two Fists, which have a real groove to them.

Kerry King gave Hellefest 2024 a masterclass in brutality and precision.

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Prepare to be consumed by the relentless energy of the most influential bands in Heavy Metal as they ignite the Hellfest stages with blistering performances. The immersive atmosphere of Clisson will immerse you in a dark, captivating experience like no other.

With its unparalleled lineup and unwavering commitment to the spirit of metal, Hellfest 2024 promises an unforgettable journey into the depths of sonic mayhem. Read all the Heavy Metal News at MetalTalk.

MetalTalk Hellfest 2024 coverage can be found at https://www.metaltalk.net/tag/hellfest-2024.

This year’s MetalTalk team is:

Kahmel Farahani

Paul Monkhouse


Ryan Hildrew

Antonio Giannattasio

For Hellfest 2023, visit https://www.metaltalk.net/tag/hellfest-2023.

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