Scene Queen: A Bold New Chapter in Metal

Fresh off a mesmerising set at Download XXI, Scene Queen, aka Hannah Collins, releases the debut album Hot Singles In Your Area today. The TikTok star is launching an album bigger and badder than ever aiming to smash glass ceilings.

Scene Queen – Hot Singles In Your Area (Hopeless Records)

Release Date: 28 June 2024

Words: Rhys Cubbage

Hot Singles In Your Area is a massive female power release, going against the male-dominated Metal grain. It certainly aims to bring about a pink revolution.

Scene Queen - Hot Singles In Your Area album cover.
Scene Queen – Hot Singles In Your Area is a massive female power release

The X-rated album might seem vulgar and crude, but it’s definitely got some strong lines. But it’s coming from an artist controlling her path, fearlessly challenging the industry and bringing a voice to those marginalised. 

The Bimbocore album is entertaining, fun and very playful. But it’s also got a bloody serious backbone, and it’s not afraid to walk right up and slap you in the face. It’s just that blunt.

The album is loudly going against misogynists and genre purists. It will likely rattle those elite gatekeepers; they really won’t like it. Especially with the rocket-like rise Scene Queen has enjoyed over the past year in the online space.

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What’s particularly good about the album is Scene Queen’s willingness to embrace various sounds and having the skills to pull it off. It’s a Metal base but filled with a flair, of rap, hip hop, dance, country and pop. With plenty of emo flavouring. 

Scene Queen’s lyrics are excellent. They are funny and clever, which is why it seems unlikely that this will be a gimmick flash in the pan. Bimbocore, with Collins at the helm, will stick around; it has the staying power.

The album journeys through from smashing right out of the box with no foreplay, being loud and in your face with no escape, and mellowing as it goes. It becomes more of a sexual discovery and then finishes softer with Climax being personal and delicate.

The 15-track album, with names straight from a porn set, includes the singles Finger, Milf, Pink Push Up Bra and 18+. The album is stacked with catchy lyrics and shock tactics, poppy dancy hooks and Metalcore beatdowns. Even collaborations from Wargasm, The Ready Set and 6arelyhuman.

Song highlights are many. 18+ is a great song, tackling the darker history in music, namely sexual abuse of younger fans. Scene Queen brilliantly smacks it head on.

Whips And Chains sees a vengeance story on someone who spikes drinks. “I wrote Whips & Chains about the fear of being a woman at a bar,” Scene Queen says. “The song is about a group of women coming together and fighting back against a man who spikes drinks. I really wanted to showcase my crazy side lyrically and go a little unhinged and angry with it, and it ended up becoming one of my favourite moments from the record.

“I write music as a form of relief, and having it get a second life from people relating to it after it’s written is the goal. So although songs like this are often hard to write, I can’t wait to get to scream along with it to anyone who relates.”

Pink Push Up Bra is a big one for the overall theme, with Scene Queen calling out lame excuses and taking the power back.

Girls Gone Wild gives us the line “If I had a dick, I’d be dangerous,” seemingly about how much easier it is for a male in music, with less scrutiny.

Climax provides a happy, blissful ending to a hard and fast album, allowing vocals to shine through. 

“I wrote an album about growing up in the early 2000s,” Scene Queen said, “but not exploring my sexuality until my 20s with all the messy and chaotic situations you find yourself in when you’re trying to find yourself and your own power.”

Hot Singles In Your Area is a full-throttle release, taking no prisoners. The sassy, catchy album is out today via Hopeless Records.

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