Havok / ‘Fear Campaign’ is the song for now

7 October 2020

Colorado Thrash Metal band Havok have unleashed a new video for the song ‘Fear Campaign’, taken from the album ‘V’, released earlier in the year.

Guitarist/vocalist David Sanchez told MetalTalk: “Although it was written in 2019, ‘Fear Campaign’ sounds like it should be the theme song for 2020.

“The lyrics seem to become more and more relevant as the weeks go by.

Havok album cover 'V'

“In the video, we wanted to capture the manic nature of media, propaganda, and other forms of mind control that have plagued civilisation for thousands of years.

“The fear campaign appears to be at an all-time high right now and the only way to end it is to stop being afraid. Reject fear.”

The video was directed by K. Hunter Lamar and produced by Digital Myle.


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