Five Heavy Metal Artists Who Love Gambling

Heavy Metal music is thought to have developed from psychedelic rock and blues-rock. While the former offered music fit for those who love chemical stimulation, the latter is more synonymous with its catchy guitar riffs. Combine these two sounds, and we’re left with a genre that has maintained a unique culture.

Besides, Heavy Metal has penetrated various popular cultures like gambling. Artists engaging in this type of music are known to be ardent players of games like poker, blackjack, slots and roulette. The following are some of the Heavy Metal singers who love to gamble.

  1. Live Boeree
    Live Boeree is an upcoming Heavy Metal female artist who hasn’t reached the pinnacle of her career yet. However, she currently has several covers online, and her live performances are beginning to grow gradually. Apart from that, Boeree is an accomplished poker player and has even won multiple poker championship titles. In fact, she has been nicknamed “” because of her prowess in playing this popular table game.
  2. Scott Ian
    Scott Ian is among the most known Heavy Metal guitarists across the world. He is popular for his work with Anthrax. In addition, Scott is a passionate poker player and has professed his love for the casino game multiple times. With the emergence of online poker, things are easier for him since he can now play the game as he tours around the world. The artist has found a way of combining his two passions and enjoying them thoroughly.
  3. Sully Erna
    Sully Erna is an American guitarist and vocalist for the Heavy Metal band Godsmack. He is considered to be one of the top vocalists in the Heavy Metal music scene. Furthermore, Sully is an ardent poker player and has participated and won prizes in various tournaments such as the World Series of Poker. Nowadays, online casinos are a very simple way to get started playing casino games, even to brush up on one’s skills before the real thing at a live casino. Alternatively, they also boast less-intense games like online slots UK for those that want to try out something different.
  4. Lemmy Kilmister
    Lemmy Kilmister was not just a famous music star, but he was also a founder of the Motörhead Metal band. However, what gave him the inspiration to create great hit songs such as Ace Of Spades is his immense passion for gambling. Lemmy liked to play classic table games in his free time, particularly blackjack. Apart from that, he also had a liking for slot games, and he was rumoured to spend hours playing them while sipping his favourite Jack Daniel’s drink.
  5. Ace Frehley
    Paul Daniel, also known as Ace Frehley, is a popular guitarist, songwriter and co-founder of the Heavy Metal band Kiss. However, he left the band to begin his solo music career but later rejoined in 1996. Apart from being one of the greatest Metal guitarists of all time, Ace also has a passion for poker, and he’s skilled at it. He has participated in various poker championships, such as the VH1 Celebrity Rock & Roll Tournament.

We all love Metal rock stars alongside their wild lives and great music. Nonetheless, we often forget their love for gambling and how it is the inspiration behind some of their songs. After all, most of these songs have topped music charts for years, which proves the connection between their success and gambling.

The aforementioned are some of the Metal artists that are true gambling talents. However, there are many others who love spending their free time playing casino games. Most of them haven’t just achieved a lot as regards to making music but have also managed to enhance the Metal music culture.

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