Feuerschwanz / Warriors, New Tracks And Epic Collabs

Celebrating their 20th anniversary, medieval Metal legends Feuerschwanz are back with new album Warriors and for the first time in the history of the band, it’s all in English! With ten of their biggest hits newly re-recorded, they also come with the surprise of a cover track and a brand-new song alongside many guest features.

Feuerschwanz – Warriors (Napalm Records)

Release Date: Out Now

Words: Jodie Louise

Feuerschwanz kicks off the album with Highlander (English Version). The bagpipe opening is always interesting, and it works so well for the band as the Heavy Metal tale begins telling the story of the highlander, complete with a catchy chorus, making this a strong opening. “Who wants to live forever” sets the tone for the rest of the album.

With the second tack, we meet our first collaboration as The Unholy Grail features Dominium and Orden Ogan who will both be joining them on their 2024 tour. It also holds the title of Feuerschwanz’s first original song in English, which all comes together to create the perfect head-banging track. The combination of vocal styles creates something unique for this surprise single.

Track three, The Forgotten Commandment, has a more mellow approach to the verses, where the drums begin to pick up yet again into a powerful chorus. “We are not alone” is a strong message. It’s a community song, and the slower instrumental sections make me sure it will be a hit when played live.

Celebrate Feuerschwanz 20th anniversary with their album Warriors.
Celebrate Feuerschwanz’s 20th anniversary with their album Warriors.

In a similar vein, we hear from Lord Of The Lost’s Chris Harms in Memento Mori. The bass is stronger in this song and as the tempo slowly increases throughout the song, it creates a cinematic edge. The message of taking every moment is prominent throughout the piece with both artists being part of a band that has been working on this success for years.

Halfway through the album, we meet Death On The Dragonship. It’s not a Feuerschwanz song without Hodi’s iconic scream, which we are treated to early on in the song, while Jarne isn’t slowing down on the bass. It’s here the lyrics begin to get more fantastical.

For the third collaboration on Wardwarf, we welcome Francesco Cavalieri of Wind Rose. “We are warriors, fierce and brutal.” It’s this track that really relates back to the album name both thematically and lyrically with a more medieval element to the song than some of the earlier ones.

Circle Pit Of Hell is nothing but a feel-good rock song. Playing up to the devil connotations of Heavy Metal music, it has a steady beat sure to get your feet tapping and a catchy chorus designed to get the ultimate crowd participation.

Feuerschwanz - Warriors (Napalm Records) - Out Now

A household name for Folk Metal fans, Patty Gurdy, brings her best hurdy-gurdy game to the next track, Song Of Ice And Fire. The guitar riff and melody really complement each other, with her solos introducing a different element into their typical format.

Purgatory is where we once again see the rise of the bagpipes during the intro but it quickly takes a turn into a heavier riff and guttural screaming into the rest of the song.

Bastard Of Asgard is, in my opinion, the most intense of the album. From the opening notes, the band are firing through each second while the female vocals provide a different dimension to the song. SGFRD Dragonslayer (English Version) showcases the true extent of the violin within the music and Johanna’s talent on the instrument. 

To close the album, we are blessed with a cover of Valhalla Calling, and I know what you might be thinking. Do we really need another cover of this song? The answer is absolutely yes. With harmonised vocals, pounding drums and an intense solo, this is the perfect high-energy note to end the album on!

Definitely one to watch, Feuerschwanz show no signs of stopping, embracing new directions in their music and embarking on a tour across Europe to spread the word of the new album.

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