Eternal Rot / Another filthy excavation in the form of ‘Putridarium’

International Death Doomsters ‘Eternal Rot’ return with another filthy, festering chunk of foetid delight for your delectation. Following closely behind, and in the same gory manner as their 2018 debut full length Cadaverine’, it’s another four track thirty minute offering called ‘Putridarium’, whose contents were “excavated between 2018 and 2019 below the tomb of Eternal Rot”.

Words: Jools Green

Once again, it is a sludgy and disgusting slice of Doomy Death Metal, punctuated by deep, monstrous growls and the whole sound continues in the uncomplicated manner of its predecessor and it is hugely effective as a result.

‘Putridarium’ is hideously enjoyable, packed with horror and heaviness that is oppressive, yet addictive, and the indecipherable hideous vocal growls are as atmospheric as they are terror instilling. You do not need to know what is being delivered vocally, the intent behind the growls tells you all you need to know.

It is a brief offering, at just thirty minutes, but with this level of density and intensity it feels longer, so it’s pitched just right duration wise.

Content wise it is a consistent offering also. If you love one track you will love them all.

From opener ‘Downward Among the Departed’, with its atmospheric sound bites of thunder and screams setting the hideous scene, plodding along with evil intent and somewhat sonic determination.

Or ‘Serenity Through Maniacal Flagellation with Decomposing Limbs’, where a more defined hint of groove emerges.

Or the unrelenting, unrepenting sonic tinged ‘Endless Stream of Coffins’, where an unnerving degree of definition starts to emerge in the vocal department. Not enough for you to grasp the full content of horrors, just enough to make you shudder.

The final track ‘Descent into Torment’ is even more mentally visual, with the dirty sliding guitar work reflecting a horrific descent.

Indeed the stuff of nightmares and a magnificently addictive listen.

‘Putridarium’ will be available once again from Godz ov War Productions as a CD, 12” limited addition coloured vinyl, cassette or digital release with the artwork once again by the master of horror art himself, Mark Riddick.

Sleeve Notes

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