Vicious Rumors / New album ‘Celebration Day’ marks bands 41st Anniversary

Vicious Rumors have today announced that their next album, ‘Celebration Day’, will be released 12 August 2020 via SPV/Steamhammer. The album was recorded and mixed between November 2019 and February 2020 at the Trident Studios in Pacheco, California.

Founded by guitarist and vocalist Geoff Thorpe in 1979, Vicious Rumors now move into their 41st historic year and Thorpe is as committed and enthusiastic as ever.

There were some delays in getting the album ready for shipping, but this was neither to do with any internal band issues or the effect of Coronavirus. It was the simple fact of their popularity.

The plan was to do only twenty concerts to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their 1988 classic ‘Digital Dictator’ but the fans would not let just that happen.

Thorpe told MetalTalk: “The reactions were so enthusiastic that the twenty shows turned into an amazing 108 gigs in the end. We really hadn’t expected that.

“Of course this jumbled the original time schedule for our current album a little.”

“On the one hand the new Vicious Rumors studio line-up had an opportunity to grow into a really tight unit during that long tour, which is one of the reasons why Celebration Decay sounds as dynamic and vibrant as any other of our best recordings in our long career. On the other hand the Digital Dictator shows ensured that we came into contact with our early influences again and again.

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“Both factors together have resulted in an album that sounds like typical Vicious Rumors and oozes lots of energy and momentum. I must admit, I couldn’t be prouder.”

You can hear the result in ‘Death Eternal’, the first single from the new album below, or on the MetalTalk Tracks Of The Week playlist:

And Thorpe is still as excited as ever when talking about this new album. He continues: “There are classic Vicious Rumors numbers such as ‘Pulse Of The Dead’, ‘Arrival Of Desolation’, ‘Death Eternal’ and ‘Collision Course Disaster’. And then there’s a song like ‘Darkness Devine’ with a structure that’s very unusual for us.”

Along with Thorpe and long-standing drummer Larry Howe, the two new additions, lead vocalist Nick Courtney and guitarist Gunnar Dügrey, used their time on the Digital Dictator tour to embrace their baptism of fire.

Photo of Vicious Rumors album cover Celebration Day

Thorpe told us: “Nick delivered some awesome performances during the gigs and was celebrated by our fans.

“Gunnar is a real virtuoso. I enlisted him as an 18-year-old, straight out of high school. Today he’s 21 and already an absolute world-class musician.

“Vicious Rumors now has a guitar team on caliber with the times of the legendary Mark McGee. Of course, in this context Greg Christian (Testament, Trauma) was a special guest. Greg is a longtime friend, it was a pleasure to work with him. He really contributed to a thundering rhythm section with Larry.”

Guitarist Cody Green, who contributed two haunting solos on ‘Long Way Home’ and ‘Any Last Words’, also deserves a mention. Green also helped out on bass during the tour.

Talking of Cody, Thorpe said: “Cody will always be part of the Vicious Rumors family. Robin Utbult from Sweden will be handling the bass on the Celebration Decay tour.”

Whats should we expect from the new album? Well, if the first track is anything to go by, it will be top class Metal”.

Geoff finishes up: “There’s no other Vicious Rumors release that I worked as hard on as I did on Celebration Decay. After all, when you get the opportunity to bring out a new album, you really have to give it your best shot.

“Of course that’s what I did with all other Vicious Rumors cuts, but with a perfectly oiled metal machine like our current line-up, it was even more fun than usual.”

We can’t wait.

1. Celebration Decay 4:31
2. Pulse Of The Dead 04:08
3. Arrival Of Desolation 5:42
4. Any Last Words 3:34
5. Asylum Of Blood 04:11
6. Darkness Divine 04:49
7. Long Way Home 03:48
8. Cold Blooded 04:23
9. Death Eternal 03:44
10.Collision Course Disaster 03:31
11. Masquerade Of Good Intentions 04:48

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