Erik Grönwall and Jona Tee form Power Metal band New Horizon

Former H.E.A.T. members Erik Grönwall and Jona Tee have joined forces to form the brand new Power Metal band New Horizon. The band have signed to Frontiers and will release their debut album in 2022.

“It felt so natural to continue working together,” Grönwall told MetalTalk, “as we have toured all over the world and already released music together for a decade.

“Jona is truly like my blood brother, and New Horizon will be the catalyst for us to release great Metal and just have fun.”

Jona Tee spoke about how he grew up with and still loves bands such as Iron Maiden, Helloween, Hammerfall, Manowar, and Edguy and dreamed of releasing his Power Metal anthems one day.

“New Horizon is a mix between classic Power and Heavy Metal, with a touch of the 21st century,” he said.

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