Drew Davies issues a call to arms on new single The Comeback

Drew Davies has released his new single, The Comeback. Vocalist for underground favourites The Mercy House and, more recently, Big Mono, Davies is working on his sophomore solo album, Holloway Nights, and this new single is a call to arms for societies malcontents and a tip of the hat to an era of alternative greats such as David Bowie, Sisters of Mercy and Nine Inch Nails.

“The Comeback was written as I emerged from a particularly hard time in my life,” Drew told MetalTalk. “It’s a cry for freedom and an anthem for regaining control of your own destiny.”

The track, mixed by Danny Woodward and mastered by Graeme Lynch, was written and recorded in Drews’s self-made studio.

“I wanted the song to sound powerful,” Drew says, “and to hit hard on one hand whilst wrapping the other arm around you in a bid to encapsulate both the defiance and hope in the music. I was living opposite Joe Meek’s old Telstar studio on Holloway Road, and one night I felt inspired to run a DX7 through an old bass amp in the corner.

“When I heard the pulsating beat emerge, I knew that this was the strident sound I’d been looking for.”

Drew Davies - From The Mercy House and Big Mono
Drew Davies. Photo: Stephen Alexander

Drew was the vocalist for The Mercy House when they released their debut album, A Broken State of Bliss, in 2012. The band toured UK and Europe, working up to appearances at Download and Bloodstock, while lead single Greed was added as a download to the video game Rock Band.

June 2015 saw the band’s final gig at the former Purple Turtle club in Camden before the band was put on an indefinite hold later that year, just as they were working towards the second album. April 2022 saw the release of the new single Redemption, on the tenth anniversary of their debut.

You can read and watch the Drew Davies episode on MTTV here.

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