Dave Joseph / Falls off chair – video goes viral

25 August 2020

Dave Joseph, who posts guitar videos on Facebook as ‘Arcanaz’, recently posted a classic ‘falling off the chair video’, which was picked up by former footballer Peter Crouch and his 888k Twitter followers and the video has now amassed a creditable 3.1+ million twitter views.

To his credit, Dave can actually play well and has made the following comment on the experience: “I just shared this video to a few friends etc. To cheer everybody up with all this COVID Virus going around and to show people that Shit happens in our lives which are beyond our control.

“The way I see it is, we all mess up. We all make mistakes and the important thing is to learn from our mistakes and learn from mistakes that other people make.

“But the thing is: learn from these mistakes and try not to repeat them. If you can’t laugh at yourself after screwing up, it’s a sad situation.

“I can and have laughed at myself after the event and hopefully learned from it.

“Hopefully along the way, I have given some people pleasure and a good giggle along the way?

“Thank you all for watching, Dave Joseph, AKA Arcanaz.”

MetalTalk takes their hats off to Dave.

Here is Dave when he has mastered his chair skills:

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