Trivium / Free show ‘The Deepest Cuts’ to air this Saturday

Following on from last months ‘A Light Or A Distant Mirror’ success, Trivium have announced a free live follow up show, titled ‘The Deepest Cuts’, will air 29 August and 8pm BST via Matt Heafy’s Twitch channel. The performance will be streamed from the bands rehearsal studio in Orlando, Florida.

Bassist Paolo Gregoletto told MetalTalk: “So as some of you have probably picked up on over the last few days, we have been dropping hints about another streaming event and it turns out your suspicions were correct.

“However, this is a much different event than ‘ALOADM.’

“We are taking you into our jam room to give you a deep cuts Trivium set of songs that we rarely play and a few we have never played before. It will be totally free to watch on Matt’s Twitch account.

“There will be some exclusive merch, too..

“If you have ever wanted to be a fly on the wall for one of our practices, this is your chance.

“Get in the chat and talk to us and Trivium fans all over the world as we run through our most unique set ever.”


The set list has been announced as follows:

“Torn Between Scylla & Charybdis”
“No Way To Heal”
“Suffocating Sight”
“Like Callisto To A Star In Heaven”
“The Revanchist”
“A Skyline Severance”
“Of Prometheus And The Crucifix”
“When All Light Dies”
“To The Rats”
“Dusk Dismantled”
“Scattering The Ashes”
“Bending The Arc To Fear”
“The Ones We Leave Behind”

Trivium poster for he Deepest Cuts

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