Following on from the success of his first lockdown live stream earlier in the week, Danny Vaughn has today announced a second event will be held this Thursday (2nd April).

Having built up a great relationship with his supporters, who Danny has acknowledged have helped him overcome challenges and hardships in the past, he has responded to their feedback and is excited to be able to play live again.

Danny told us: “Isolation is not a good state of affairs for performers. We’re an odd group because we are outwardly extroverted but inwardly introverted, if that makes sense? But those two opposites make up a balance that is key to who we are.

“This would account for why so many singers and performers are putting up videos of themselves right now: singing for us, sending us messages of encouragement or reading us Shakespeare. We’re doing what we always have done: reaching out to the hearts of others.

“For myself, I knew that if I didn’t sing and play for somebody after 12 days in isolation, I would start to climb the walls. So, I set a date and time, boarded the social media train and got the word out — as fast and as far as I could — that a show was coming.

“Last Thursday – for a little over two hours – I sang for and connected with over 600 people from at least two dozen different countries! We exchanged greetings, I told stories, people put in requests and there was an unexpectedly deep feeling of community and solidarity: a success on every level! We aren’t alone and we are in this together.

“The whole thing was so well-received that I have been asked by an overwhelming majority to do it all over again.

“Make some good food, get comfortable on your couch, and put me up on your big screen TV! My wife will be manning the laptop, so you can send in your messages, questions, thoughts – whatever you like — and we will see them.”

Vaughn has a great rapport with his fans, who responded in style last year when the PledgeMusic problems put his new album in jeopardy.

“I need to acknowledge the incredible generosity of so many people who watched me on Thursday”, he continued. “These concerts are free, as I say, but so many of you went to my website and made donations that I felt overwhelmed and humbled.  Thank-you for helping me keep the lights on!  I look forward to sharing another evening with all of you on 2nd April! Thank you all so much! Stay well and stay safe.”

This weeks show is Thursday, 2nd April — 8pm GMT; 3pm EST; 12 Noon Pacific and can be accessed from his Facebook Account

Danny Vaughn’s new album ‘Myths, Legends and Lies’ will be released 14th June. The track ‘The Shadow Of King John’ can be seen below.

And here is last weeks ‘living room’ performance.

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