Dan Reed / With Liftoff, Reed will soothe and speak to your soul during these turbulent times

Sometimes, a left turn from a clear path can be the right choice. Point in case: it has been often said that, given the right circumstances, the Dan Reed Network would have been as big as Bon Jovi in the 1980’s.

Due to a number of disparate factors that never happened, instead, the band have gone on and forged their very own, individual, brand of funked up and soul drenched Rock that has become their trademark and the world is a better place because of this.

Dan Reed – Liftoff (Zero One Entertainment/Townsend Records)

Release Date: 4 December 2020

Words: Paul Monkhouse

Arguably the most spiritual man in Rock, Dan Reed has mixed his output fronting the band with putting out his own solo material and ‘Liftoff’ is his latest stellar offering. This collection of eleven, chilled out numbers, sees Reed taking the listener on a journey to a different world and one that is filled with the songwriting chops that made him so feted.

Cover of Liftoff by Graeme Bell
Dan Reed – Liftoff. Artwork: Graeme Bell

From the opening strains of the title track you are drawn into the welcoming arms of warm rhythms that wash over you like the waves on a Californian beach, guitars, keys and vocals tenderly caressing your synapses.

Far from being one of the ‘chill-out’ albums that plagued the scene a few years ago or something you would find played in the background of trendy restaurants; this has real depth.

A hugely charismatic frontman, Reed’s rich voice blends with the instrumentation perfectly on the tracks like the deliciously lightly grooving ‘Hang Back’ and the powerful ’Butterfly’ to huge effect.

A natural storyteller, there is a genuine lyricism at play here that adds layer upon layer of depth to the gorgeous kaleidoscope of colours, the words just as important to the whole atmosphere as the blissed tapestry of sound.

Sublime musicianship, great, solid tunes and a sympathetic and pin-point accurate production bring together something that will both soothe and speak to your soul during these turbulent times.

Whilst the Network may be an irrepressible ball of kinetic energy, the man front and centre shows he can tenderly love you as much as the band thrill.

One of the most distinctive voices in the business, Reed’s is one always worth listening to.

Dan Reed spoke with MetalTalk about the song ‘Back To Earth’.

Reed told us: “Here is the fourth and final preview lyric video for the song ‘Back to Earth’ from my forthcoming solo album ‘Liftoff’. After pining for idyllic off-world destinations, longing for a moment of respite from earthly problems and our relationship with technology on the first three songs, this track addresses stepping back and appreciating what a gift this beautiful blue and green marble floating in space which we call home truly is.

“The video is a tribute to all native peoples who once believed in living in harmony with nature. It opens with a quote from the Native American political prisoner Leonard Peltier and features the voice of the late Oglala Lakota campaigner Russell Means during his opening address to the US Congress in 1989, where he humbly calls on the US Senators to honour Native American rights while addressing them as his ‘relatives’ in 1989.

“If you’re ever in the mood to see a vastly intelligent and caring soul appealing to the hardened hearts of the powerful elite then check out ‘Russell Means addresses Congress’ on YouTube. It is truly powerful to witness!

“This song also features the beautiful voices and vocal arrangements of UK artists Emily Lynn and Lara Smiles on background vocals.

“I hope you enjoy the song and video, and once again thank you for all the positive support this last month for the new album, the many shares, and loving comments!”

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