Curse Of Eibon and their hauntingly mournful Journey Into Madness

Forming only last year and releasing their first EP in December, things continue to move quickly for the Swedish Melodic Death Metal quartet Curse Of Eibon. They have followed up their debut EP Book Of Eibon with the EP Journey Into Madness, a release that almost slipped under my radar. I am pleased it didn’t, as this is an album not to be missed.

Curse Of Eibon – Journey Into Madness (Independent Release)

Release Date: Out Now

Words: Jools Green

Journey Into Madness is, the band explain, “something new and unique for Curse Of Eibon. It invites the listener to join the band on a journey into madness, with a story in the vein of Lovecraft with strange sounds, visions and madness.”

I spoke to vocalist/lyricist Fredrik Croona who expanded on the idea behind Journey into Madness, explaining that “the inspiration for the EP came from various Lovecraft short stories. Elements were borrowed as well as me writing parts to make into its own short story, and if you listen first to last, everything ties together.”

Cover of Journey Into Madness, from Curse Of Eibon

Aggressive and hugely atmospheric

The EP features five brand new tracks spanning a compact but well-filled seventeen minutes of Melodic Death Metal that is both aggressive and hugely atmospheric.

Curse Of Eibon have upped their game with this follow up release. I enjoyed Book Of Eibon, but I like this even better. The singular focus of the journey through a short story appeals immensely, as well as tying the whole sound together.

This release also features JM Burr, who I believe is from Reverend JM’s Panic Worship, as narrator. He opens the EP with the intro Madness, a powerful scene-setting piece of simple haunting piano and spoken word.

The opening speech of “This is an invitation, to bear witness to communication, from beyond the gulfs of space and time. From the unlimitable abyss, an ancient horror reaches out, to touch, and transform.”

It is all delivered with a deep, unnerving and well-punctuated style, paving the way for The Call. This superb track is dominated by a haunting, mournfully doomy melody that courses its length, developing a punch from the riffs and the sinister, well-phrased growls of vocalist Fredrik.

JM Burr returns with more spoken word on the slightly gnarly, slightly symphonic chugger Colors From Beyond, which sits very well alongside the vocal growls.

The haunting guitar melody returns to open the Whispers In The Dark, continuing throughout, mixed with bursts of chugging riffs which build and ebb in pace, adding an agitated atmosphere across the track. The second half discordant and noise filled drop adds to the disquiet. At this point, I’ll also say the haunting choral element in the distant background on this track is a huge improvement from those on the previous release. This was the only minor point of concern I had with it, and whatever has been done differently this time totally works.

All too soon, you find yourself on the final piece, The Forbidden Path, continuing in that meld of a hauntingly mournful yet punchy style, which I do love.

This EP is an end-to-end winner. I can’t wait to hear what Curse Of Eibon come up with next.

Available as a CD or digital release here: as well as the usual various streaming services

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