Competition / Win the fantastic Beauty Of Gemina ‘Skeleton Dreams’ CD

The Beauty Of Gemina release their long awaited album ‘Skeleton Dreams’ tomorrow, 5th February 2021 and you can win one of two copies of the CD (UK only, sorry). ‘Skeleton Dreams’ has proved a success in the bands Swiss homeland and it is a collection of songs which deserve a full listen.

The Beauty Of Gemina – Skeleton Dreams (TBOG Music)

Release Date: 5 February 2021

Words: Steve Ritchie

The album contains fourteen tracks, one a remix of ‘Where Has It All Gone’ and one a cover versions of ‘Nine While Nine’ by Sisters of Mercy. As a package, this collection is thought-provoking, challenging and a fantastic opportunity to lose yourself for a headphone wearing hour.

As Michael Sele, frontman and mastermind behind The Beauty of Gemina, told MetalTalk earlier, there is plenty of variation in the album: “The single ‘A Night Like This’ belongs to the faster songs of the album, with the spheric guitars.

“On the album, you find also some Blues leanings, as well as very reduced songs. One only with piano and voice and another only with guitar and voice.

“All in all, dark melancholic and very atmospheric, but always with a pinch of confidence and joy of life!

“Don’t fear your dreams and close your eyes!”

Hypnotic, ambient, warm, yet melancholic, ‘Skeleton Dreams’ is certainly not your standard Rock affair and, definitely, Beauty Of Gemina are outside of any genre label.

With ‘Skeleton Dreams’, what you have is a thought provoking collection of great songs, which in the context of the album, mix and match in great style.

It opens with ‘A Night Like This’, a dark alt Rock track which is melodic, distinctly foot tapping and showcases Michael’s distinctive vocal perfectly. ‘Naked’ follows, and the dreamy pace and fantastic strings and keyboards filter in and out through the piece, giving a dreamy and reflective feel.

‘Maybe God Knows’ is the first of the acoustic tracks, “Let’s talk about love, let’s talk about hate….I don’t know the answers….Maybe God knows” calls Michael, in a reflective and questioning style which makes the listener think, all wrapped round a mesmerising acoustic riff.

‘Friends Of Mine’ is another moody offer. Michael described it as “a kind of a swan song. At the end I ask a fictional audience, who will be at my side at the end? What will be remembered? What will be left?”

Further into the album pieces like ‘Rainbow Man’, ‘The World Is Going On’ and ‘I Come To Grief’ excel in their stripped back delivery, while their version of ‘Nine While Nine’, the Sisters of Mercy, is presented in true BOG style.

Stand out track ‘Apologise’ marches through wonderfully, the up tempo track a juxtaposition of smiling dancers (if you were to experience this track at a gig) and the sad, reflective lyrics.

Finally, the contrast between synths and electric drums of the Desert Mix and the album version of ‘Where Has It All Gone’ is fascinating. The track is subtle in it’s composition and mesmerising in its delivery.

Illness and Pandemics

Michael has had to cope with the recovery from major and complex heart surgery and the outbreak of COVID-19. Naturally, this was a difficult time.

Photo of Michael Sele, The Beauty Of Gemina

Michael told MetalTalk: “Fortunately, I had already collected a considerable part of song sketches and fragments on my smart phone before this unexpected and dramatic break. The operation, the recovery including the rehabilitation, took approximately four months.

“This was a difficult and stressful time, but also a time full of new experiences and afterwards I felt full of energy and creativity. There was a lot of working, through.

“Afterwards, I had begun very intensely and with an enthusiasm, to record new song sketches and at the end of 2019, I chose from all the sketches the definitive songs for the new album.

“At the weekend, when the first lockdown came, I wanted to start recording at the studio. Naturally all my plans were thrown overboard at this moment.

“These extraordinary times have had a great influence on my work and for me it was important to let that flow into my music.”

Beauty Of Gemina have been through many different styles over the years and have a great fan base in and around Switzerland.

While this album may not have thrashing guitars, if you are a fan of thought provoking, atmospheric songs which challenge your thoughts and ideas, then this album is most certainly deserving of your full attention.

I, for one, very much look forward to witnessing this in the flesh after the world has recovered.

To win a copy of the ‘Skeleton Dreams’ CD, say ‘Hello’ to MetalTalk in an email (UK Only, please) via

The draw will be made next Thursday.

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