Chaos Perversion / Sensory annihilation of classic South American Extreme Metal style

Chilean Black/Death Metal duo Chaos Perversion are set to unleash their debut EP, Petrified Against The Emanation, upon the unsuspecting world thanks to extreme music labels Sentient Ruin and Total Death. They successfully released it in their local underground scene independently back in 2019 as Entangled by the Roots of Death.

Chaos Perversion – Petrified Against The Emanation (Sentient Ruin/ Total Death)

Release Date: 21 January 2022

Words: Jools Green

Now with new mastering, a brand-new graphic layout and new cover art by dark tattoo artist Nekronikon (AKA Daniel Corcuera) and with an extended intro and an extra outro, overall, it’s a brutal offering that will sear the flesh from your face, I’m delighted to say.

At just nineteen minutes duration, these tracks annihilate your senses in a manner true to that classic South American Extreme Metal style. It’s dark, brutal, unrelenting and definitely unforgiving, but also something you can’t resist listening to.

The Intro: Abyss and the Outro: Awakened At The Slaughterhouse, are both atmospherically unnerving pieces that frame the work. In between, the four main tracks, Absorption Ascension Under the Vampiric Connection, From the Ominous Funerary Miasma (Initiation By Semitrance and Praxis of the Grotesque), Petrified Against the Emanation and Entangled in the Roots of Death, deliver, from start to finish, a wall of ominous riffs and protracted cavernous vocals.

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Whilst the vocals are indecipherable, they are powerfully unnerving and brutally expressive. The pace ebbs and flows from those previously mentioned ominous riffs that have a sinister blackened leaning to a brutally frantic pace. The tracks flow fluidly from one to the next in a steady yet unstoppable manner.

The drum work is delivered with the same unrelenting brutality but carefully applied to add vital texture and depth without being overpowering, adding a nice balance to the EP. I’ve no favourite tracks. This is an end to end joyfully brutal listening experience.

Strap yourself down, press play and prepare to be mentally eviscerated.

Petrified Against the Emanation will be available as a 10″ vinyl MLP, digital and cassette tape from Sentient Ruin or as a CD version from the Mexican label Total Death.

Sleeve Notes

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