Burnt Out Wreck / ‘This Is Hell’ is pure meat and potatoes Metal

If seedy unadulterated Rock ‘n’ Roll is your drug of choice, then a deep shot in the arm from Blighty’s Burnt Out Wreck should be your next hit.

Burnt Out Wreck: This Is Hell (Out Now)

Words: Brian Boyle

Main man Gary Moat would be no stranger to those who revelled in the muck and sweat of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal.

The frontman bashed the tom toms for Scottish rockers Heavy Pettin who made a bit of splash with their 1983 debut album ‘Lettin Loose’ which was co-produced by Queen’s Brian May.

But BOW are a more ballsier proposition, evidently showed in the all out assault of opener ‘Dead Or Alive’. ‘Positive’ struts along with that AC/DC swagger of the Bon Scott era spiked with an infectious chorus.

Album Cover for This Is Hell, by Burnt Out Wreck

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When you are met with a tongue in cheek boogie chant of “the woman’s got a tattoo on her nick nack ‘Paddywack'” a blue version of Chas & Dave immediately springs to mind, but after a few tankards of the local bitter you won’t care if it is Chas & Dave or even Ant & Dec for that matter.

They’re back to their sinister best with the expletive laden’ Headfuck’ which could become an underground anthem to those at odds with their ‘better’ halves or just those who simply fail to load the dishwasher in uniform fashion.

Title track ‘This Is Hell’ is just pure meat and potatoes Metal with Moat pumping his guts out like Udo Dirkschneider at his feral best.

Without doubt one of the go to tracks is the Skynrd-ish ‘Just A Dog’, and while the familiarity of the riff will not take a lot of working out, it’s Moat’s filthy delivery that takes permanent residence in your ears.

Closer ‘Snow Falls Down’ doesn’t exactly set the pulses racing in comparison to the previous shin kickers, but eight belters out of nine is a pretty impressive return.


Dead Or Alive
Guitars Electrified
This Is Hell
Rock Hard Sticky Sweet
Just A Dog
Snow Falls Down

Sleeve Notes

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