Brood of Hatred / The Golden Age is a superbly head spinning and enthralling listen

Back with his third studio full length, The Golden Age, is Muhammed Mêlki, the man behind the one-man Tunisian Progressive Death Metal project, Brood of Hatred.

Brood Of Hatred – The Golden Age (Gruesome Records)

Release Date: 25 February 2022

Words: Jools Green

It’s another instalment of his wonderfully fluid meld of Metal with “no specific boundaries on genre or philosophies, presenting haunting atmospheres that guide the listeners through a progressive journey of unconventional writing inspired by the strange state of mind that characterizes this one-man concept.”

Brood of Hatred, cover of The Golden Age
Brood of Hatred – The Golden Age

The Golden Age “is an album of musical and thematic growth,” says Muhammed, describing the concept of the music and lyrics, as well as the cover art. “It develops a dark and cold atmosphere with elements of rhythmic play,” he says. “The artwork reflects a parallel universe of post-apocalyptic revival.”

The Golden Age is a Progressive Death Metal, and Doom influenced soundtrack that is, thankfully, a million miles away from the usual ethno-progressive sound often associated with some of the better known Tunisian Metal outfits. Not that there is anything wrong with them, as such. This just brings something a little different and unique to the table, something adventurous and intelligently considered, filled with atonal death-scapes and emotional landscapes.

It’s heavy and doomy yet easy on the ear, blisteringly technical as well as melodic without being flashy or over the top. Featuring eight songs that are crushing and technical, as well as emotional and reflective, every direction switch brings interesting surprises and a compelling listen. The key to that is the unpredictably sudden bursts of soaring emotive leadwork, technical flourishes and where the guitars engage in valiant battle with the drum work along with those cleverly implemented but not excessive atonal elements. All of which keeps you engaged throughout.

The drum work is especially good, complex and fluid, matching the rest of the instrumentation without being over intrusive. The ever-changing guitar work is complemented by raw, rasping harsh vocals. Although they are fairly straightforward in delivery, they are well-executed, and any more complex than they are would be too much.

It also has a very well balanced and refined production. From the composition to the final result, everything meets a high specification. Understandably I’ve no favourite track. Each one is individual, yet with a commonality to them all in the overall style.

With The Golden Age, you are taken on an end-to-end journey with twists and turns, ebbing down to the reflective and elevating up to the frantic, making it a superbly head spinning and enthralling listen. Definitely worth your attention if you enjoy something a little more adventurous in your Metal.

The Golden Age will be available as a CD or digital album from

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