Blood Of Indigo immediately impresses with ambitious debut

Dawn Of The Shaded World, the debut album from Symphonic Gothic Metal band Blood of Indigo, is an ambitious offering that immediately impresses and is probably not what you would necessarily expect from a first release. A lot of thought and effort has gone into its creation.

Blood Of Indigo – Dawn Of The Shaded World (Independent release)

Release Date: 26 August 2022

Words: Jools Green

“We poured every ounce of love and passion into this album,” the trio from Toronto said. “Each song is like a carefully crafted dish from a Dark Fantasy Metal buffet. Every song tells its own story and is inspired by our favourite video games. We gave our devoted attention to every little detail, and we hope this album will inspire someone to create. Dawn Of The Shaded World is everything we’ve dreamed of and more.”

They have every right to be proud.

Blood Of Indigo release Dawn Of The Shaded World
Blood Of Indigo, every right to be proud

Created for several reasons, firstly following advice from Lindsay Schoolcraft to pursue his dream of being a Metal vocalist, Alex Centorame formed the band with Mariusz Syposz and third member Nathan Gross, alongside a desire also to indulge in their passion for storytelling through epic music.

Something that I fully believe is a dream worth pursuing, particularly regarding the vocals, as Alex consistently delivers an impressive mix of deeper acidic growls and equally acidic higher snarls that is well ranged and intonated.

They haven’t skimped on the epic elements either, with orchestrated pieces dominating the sound. So, for anyone who enjoys a dark symphonic album, this will definitely be of interest to them.

Sound and content wise, the trio have found their influences in bands including Dimmu Borgir, Nightwish and Dream Theatre, along with video games such as Dark Souls, Hollow Knight and Bloodborne.

The impressive scale of dominance of the orchestration is apparent from the offset with the opener, Mimesis, consisting of fourteen minutes of symphonics and background choral elements. It’s a superb scene setter and a musical journey in its own right, carving a haunting and mysterious path as it wends its complex, convoluted and flamboyant journey.

Blood Of Indigo up their game further from Resurrection onwards with the arrival of the Metal elements; the vocals and additional instrumentation, with the harsh vocals and swathes of second half leadwork adding extra texture and on Corpse Bride there is some great second half piano work.

The style and delivery of Dawn Of The Shaded World is very much an “If you like one track, you’ll like the lot” album, consistent in style and quality end to end.

Midway, they do drop things back with the sublime piano led instrumental Jade And Her Quiet Place. Resuming with Angelus, the “Faceless” Vampire, in the second half of which, has leadwork that switches from guitar led to keyboard led, again adding yet more interest and texture.

The final track, Dawn Of The Shaded World, features the dulcet tones of the person who helped to inspire this project, Lindsay Schoolcraft.

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