Beth Blade And The Beautiful Disasters deserve to be lauded on a global level

Let’s cut to the chase, Beth Blade And The Beautiful Disasters are the dog’s bollox, and ahead of your next heating bill, food on the table or your local unfriendly loan shark, their latest album should be your next monetary outgoing.

Beth Blade And The Beautiful Disasters – Mythos, Confession, Tragedies & Love (Disaster Records)

Release Date: Out Now

Words: Brian Boyle

So before I’m riddled with verbal bullets from the cult of do-gooders, I must stress the tongue is firmly embedded in my cheek. But if you’ve parted with your hard-earned mula for their first two releases Bad Habit and Show Me Your Teeth, you’ll know for the most part where I’m going.

This Cardiff lot quite simply take lumps out of you with their big burly brand of rock n’ roll, and their latest ensemble of anarchy should come with a pair of shinguards.

Beth Blade And The Beautiful Disasters - Mythos, Confession, Tragedies & Love
Mythos, Confession, Tragedies & Love

Mythos, Confession, Tragedies And Love is an ambitious and bloody mouthful of a title, but the tunes back up the audacious heading. Openers The Otherside and Sin Eater set the tone with authority, pumping out a barrage of intense riffs and engulfing choruses.

Being compared to the likes of Joan Jett and Halestorm is no bad thing, but this bunch very much developed their own recipe. Yes, tracks like Tonight I’m With You, Undo Me, and Persephone could easily grace any album by Lizzy Hale and co, but with Beth Blade at the mic, you’re getting something a lot more magical.

Without a doubt, one of the best British female hard rock vocalists to emerge in decades, her presence and delivery is beyond captivating and deserves to be lauded on a global level.

With soul-digging tracks like Ozymandias and Sacrifice, she weaves her spell and drags you right to the core of the song with a seductive and hypnotic majesty.

Of course, recording the album on home soil in the legendary surroundings of Rockfield Studios, where a little ditty called Bohemian Rhapsody was knitted, can’t of been a bad source of inspiration.

Under the experienced watch of producer Nick Brine who’s put the likes of Bruce Springsteen and Thunder to work, full-fat tracks like Trigger Happy and Still Not Asking For It encompasses all that is great with this enthralling bunch of songs ignited with flames that never go out.

There’s a lot made of the well-populated New Wave Of Classic Rock movement. Well, on the back of this stunning collection of anthemic tunes, this detonating Welsh gang deserve to be the flag wavers.

Mythos, Confession, Tragedies & Love

1. The Otherside

2. Sin Eater

3. Tonight I’m With You

4. Who You Are

5. Hold Your Heart

6. Undo Me

7. Persephone

8. Ozymandias

9. Sacrifice

10. Trigger Warning

11. Still Not Asking for It

12. I Never knew (Bonus Track)

13. New York Time (Bonus Track)

Sleeve Notes

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