Beastwood / These boys are the real deal

12 May 2021

If you like your stoner rock utterly unhinged, then this EP is lovingly crafted just for you. Coming on like Clutch’s swamp born jailbird cousin, Beastwood are a gloriously grooving filthy boogie machine that will make you feel dirty just listening to them.

Beastwood – The Long Road To Ho (Coffin & Bolt Records / Golden Robot Records)

Release Date: Out Now

Words: Paul Monkhouse

Thankfully, that’s dirty in a good way, and you can’t but help fall in love with the quartets hard-rocking approach as they emerge from the shadows, 100% proof alcohol bottles and guitars in hand.

With song titles like ‘Electric Gangbang’ and ‘Denim Venom’, you know things are going to get wild, but these boys don’t just grab the bull by the horns. They’re more likely to either punch it and then buy it a beer or convince it to become part of their road crew.

Their crunching and crushing rhythms, roaring riffs and howling vocals are a potent brew, feral yet focussed.

Everything with Beastwood is larger than life, and when the four tracks end with the punky Metal, glam party rock gumbo of ‘Degenerated’, you know you’ve been entertained. This is the soundtrack to a grindhouse feature about a chainsaw-wielding Southern Baptist preacher, high on life and full of moonshine.

Strap yourself in. These boys are the real deal.

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