Beast Mode / “A killer lineup with a fresh set of recordings”

Beast Mode recently release their superb album ‘Pound of Flesh’ and the Monster inspired Melodic Blackened Thrash Metal quartet from Athens, Georgia, certainly deserve to be better known. Hopefully this release will gain them a few more fans.

The six track album contains two songs originally released as singles in 2018: The punchy ‘Arise’, with its rapid-fire delivery and the superb ‘Frostbite’ with its engaging drive and magnificently unnerving but utterly catchy lyrics.

MetalTalk took the opportunity to speak with Cam to find out more about the band.

MetalTalk: How was the process for the bands development from 2018?

Cam: “We wanted to record a couple of our new songs before Corey moved abroad and Parker moved to Colorado for work. The plan was to write during this little hiatus and come back to record the next album. When Corey returned to the US, it became clear that Parker was not coming back to GA.

“We toyed around with the idea of auditioning another frontman, but ultimately decided to remain a four piece, like so many of our favourite classical Thrash/Death bands. The next year or so we played a lot of shows and got back up to fighting weight.”

You were recording an EP in 2019, but there followed another lineup change?

“During the recording process for an EP in 2019, we decided to part ways with Richard and seek out a new drummer, one that could help us become a tighter band both live and in the studio.

“The one track salvaged from that session ‘Beast Inside’ was the last to feature Richard on drums, but also the first studio recording with Corey on vocals. That fall, we began working with Guido to play our last shows of the year and begin the process of starting from scratch on the EP.

And then lockdown happened?

“Winter 2020 came, and just as we were finding our stride again, we [in hindsight’ played our last show in February before the world shut down, with our March dates all cancelled.

“After the dust settled and we began to be able to plan individual meetings, the recording process for the EP resumed in July. The goal with this EP was always to reintroduce ourselves as a four piece [with different vocals] before working on another full-length.

“We chose to re-record ‘Arise’ and ‘Frostbite’ to further showcase the change in lineup.

“It was a slow process scheduling studio time for everyone, and was interrupted by the recording of our performance at the virtual Porch*fest festival, but the sessions were made up and the mixing process finished by the end of the year.

“For this release [Pound of Flesh], we wanted to treat it more or less like we would if we were playing shows, partnering with local businesses for special release items and running physical copies of the album.

“We also wanted to be prepared for when the opportunity for live music opens back up, being stocked up on new merch and a new CD to take out on the road.

“Now that we have got a killer lineup and a fresh set of recordings, we want to take this music to as many places as we can by playing more regional shows in the future to continue building up our reach before the next full length, which, optimistically, will be much sooner than the time between our previous releases.”

Beast Mode

Corey Flowers- Guitar/Vox

Guido Hrovat- Drums

Henry Mitchell III- Guitar

Cameron Yohr- Bass


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