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Danish Death Metal phenomenon Baest have been busy establishing themselves as one of the countrys most promising recent Metal acts. Both their debut album ‘Danse Macabre’ in 2008, closely followed by 2019’s ‘Venenum’, received a lot of acclaim and which saw more of a  Baest defined sound continuing to develop.

Baest – Necro Sapiens (Century Media Records)

Release date: 5 March 2021

Words: Jools Green

Classic Death Metal inspired influences [The Entombed and Morbid Angel] are still there lurking beneath the surface, but  two years on, they continue to push their capabilities further with their third studio release ‘Necro Sapiens’ which showcases further their steamroller-like signature sound.

The band say “‘Necro Sapiens’ is ultimately the most ‘Baest’ sounding record. The influences are there, but this is by far THE record where we sound the most like ourselves. The best ‘Baest’ there is!'”

So far at least, but I think the future will reveal even more.

Cover of Necro Sapiens from Baest

‘Necro Sapiens’ is a ten track forty-four-minute slab that, whilst oozing Old School Death Metal influences, is modern in respect of the great production, so as a result you get good definition alongside equally good composition.

I love the vocal delivery, an expressive brutal growl which has great clarity of content. It sits well alongside the dirty Death Metal riffs. I have to also say the drum work is technically excellent and well restrained, letting loose and adding that extra brutality only when necessary, and the one time the drum work is allowed to really go overkill, on the final track ‘Sea of Vomit’, it is very much a necessary requirement in answer to the wall of riffs that assault from the other direction.

Sinister undertones

From the dramatic opener, ‘The Forge’, with its sinister undertones to the riffing, perfectly placed drum work and tantalisingly long opener, the vocals are heralded by a protracted growl. Thought the album they build in brutal and technical increments as it progresses all the way to the final, previously mentioned, drum and riff massacre of the sinister ‘Sea of Vomit’.

This album is a great listen, but my absolute favourite piece is the album title track ‘Necro Sapiens’. It does have a definite Morbid Angel influence, but Baest have incorporated it into their own style and, most importantly, it is a hugely addictive and engaging listen. Every aspect of the track is perfection, the sinister intonation of the riffs, the vocals which are part gravelly, part silky growls, the lyrics, the way the drum work courses beneath punching through when necessary bolstering  the track and the overall phraseology.

All aural perfection, it is like candy for the ears.

Also meriting an extra mention are the poignantly sinister and utterly engaging ‘Abbatoir’ and ‘Genesis’, with its haunting opener, protracted growl and dark driving riffing that is well varied and engages you from end to end.

This album is well worth your attention if you enjoy good quality Death Metal.

The intricately detailed artwork is by Mitchell Nolte (Aborted, Vampire). ‘Necro Sapiens’ will be available in physical form as 180 gram LP+CD or a limited edition mediabook and patch, as well as available on all digital streaming platforms.

Sleeve Notes

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