Alissa White-Gluz joins Punk Rock Factory for The Little Mermaid

Punk Rock Factory release their EP Poor Unfortunate Souls today. The four-track EP features reworkings of songs from the 1989 Disney animated film The Little Mermaid. You can hear Part Of Your World below, a track that features Alissa White-Gluz from Swedish melodic Death Metal band Arch Enemy.

“Like most people my age,” Alissa said, “I grew up feeling that I was one day destined to become a mermaid thanks to one particular movie, which remains one of my favourites to this day. Well, I do sing, and I do have colourful hair, but only now, releasing Part Of Your World, are my mermaid life goals complete.

“I always sang this song to myself in a more traditional Broadway style, but that was very far removed from what I do professionally. So, with Punk Rock Factory, I wanted to play back and forth between that beloved Ariel voice and a heavier voice more fitting to my punk and Metal roots.

“I thought the band did a great job of respecting a classic, while still giving it a punky edge, so I wanted to do the same. I love how it turned out! It was a bucket-lister for me.”

With the news of the release of a new Little Mermaid film, the soundtrack from the original was one the band felt they had to look at. “When we heard there was a new Little Mermaid film coming out, we knew we had to take a look at some of its hits and put them together in a dedicated EP,” Punk Rock Factory said. “After the success of our previous albums, A Whole New Wurst 1 and 2, which were entirely Disney tracks, it had to be done.

“We had the opportunity to potentially work with Alissa on our latest album, It’s Just A Stage We’re Going Through, but unfortunately, the timing didn’t work out. We stayed in touch and then floated the idea of Part Of Your World to her. It turned out to be a favourite movie and song, and she was super excited to be involved.

“Alissa is an absolute behemoth of a vocalist, and she truly shows just how good her range is on Part Of Your World. When she initially sent her parts over, we were absolutely blown away and decided to step back from adding any of our own vocals.

“We just said ‘yep, this is your song now!'”

Punk Rock Factory
Punk Rock Factory

Poor Unfortunate Souls is available digitally, on CD, and on 7″ vinyl in two limited edition colours – Purple Enchantment Edition & Deep Blue Edition.

Please note the vinyl are pre-order items and will be shipped in August 2023.

Punk Rock Factory will be appearing at this year’s Download and will tour the UK in October. Tickets for the October tour are available from here.

Punk Rock Factory - UK Tour 2023
Punk Rock Factory – UK Tour 2023

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