Albert Bouchard / Bloom and Buck Dharma join Joe and Albert for Imaginos II

Albert Bouchard, founding member of Blue Öyster Cult, will release the next part of his Imaginos trilogy on 21 October 2021. Imaginos II – Bombs Over Germany (minus zero and counting) continues the story of an alien conspiracy brought to fruition during the late 19th and early 20th century through the actions of Imaginos, an agent of evil.

Imaginos II weaves scripts and poems by the late Sandy Pearlman.

Blue Öyster Cult connections are plentiful, with Eric Bloom, Donald “Buck Dharma” Roeser and Joe Bouchard, as well current BÖC member Richie Castellano, contributing to the album. Also joining Albert are Ross The Boss (Dictators) and Joe Cerisano (Silver Condor, TSO).

Cover of Imaginos II – Bombs Over Germany (minus zero and counting)

The first single from the album is OD’d On Life Itself. “This version of OD’d On Life Itself is a very different take on the song that was recorded for BOC’s second album, Tyranny and Mutation,” Bouchard told MetalTalk.

“The lyrics return to the original lyrics written by Sandy Pearlman, much less sarcastic and much more spooky. The track reflects that change with a simpler and more spacious arrangement with just acoustic guitar, mysterioso guitar, violin, drums and bass. The stand out lyrics are ‘Don’t you fear this trade in lives’ and ‘This wedding by heaven was made up in hell,’ which portend to the darker nature of this second act in the Imaginos saga.”

Imaginos II features reworks of classics like Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll, The Red And The Black, and Dominance And Submission,

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Imaginos II – Tracklist:

1. When War Comes
2. Independence Day
3. 7 Screaming Dizbusters
4. O’D On Life Itself
5. II Duce
6. Bombs Over Germany
7. Before The Kiss (A Redcap)
8. Three Sisters
9. Quicklime Girl (Mistress of the Salmon Salt)
10. The Red and the Black
11. Dominance and Submission
12. Shadow of California
13. Cities on Flame (With Rock and Roll)
14. Half Life Times

Sleeve Notes

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