Vulnerable ‘Ghost Girl’ story told in District 97 short animated film

The story of a little girl who is terrorised by malevolent spirits has been brought to life in an animated film by Chicago based Prog Rock band District 97.

The short film, which you can watch below, has been directed by Christopher Kezelos and produced by District 97 drummer and main composer Jonathan Schang.

Taken from the bands latest album ‘Screens’, the story follows ‘Ghost Girl’, the little girl who longs to fit in, but who is troubled by the spirits which nobody believes in, apart from her overbearing but loving mother.

Schang told MetalTalk: “For well over a year, I’ve had a vision in my head of an animated short film for Leslie’s [Hunt, vocalist] and my song ‘Ghost Girl’ from the Screens album.

“I imagined something that conjured a similar mood to Steven Wilson’s and Owl House Studios’ stop motion videos. Through happenstance I was put in touch with director Christopher Kezelos (Zero, The Maker), who enthusiastically took on the project.

“Since January, we closely collaborated to bring Ghost Girl and her world to life.

“I never could have guessed how much all of our lives would change during the making of this film, but I feel that makes it’s story of isolation, alienation and redemption all the more relevant.

“I hope it captivates music and film fans everywhere this Halloween season and beyond.”

Photo of the band District 97

Christopher Kezelos, told us: “When I first heard the song ‘Ghost Girl’ by District 97, I was instantly drawn into the disturbing tale of a young medium terrorized by evil spirits and the epic highs and lows of this sweeping rock ballad.

“Every line of the song conjured haunting and beautiful images in my mind that I wanted to bring to the screen.

“The song, sung from the protagonist’s point of view, felt very personal.

“I wanted to portray her story through a diary as she journals her life and shares her intimate secrets with the viewer – sketches that ebb from dark and gritty to light and calm as she pours her heart and soul onto the page.
“I wanted every scene to feel like a beautiful cinemagraph. A memory captured in time, with a hint of motion that draws you into Ghost Girl’s world.

“My hope is that her tale of transformation resonates with audiences struggling with their own demons.”

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