Volbeat / Anniversary album is a bona fide cracker

Danish Rockabilly Metallers Volbeat celebrate the 15th anniversary of their debut album ‘The Strength/The Sound/The Songs’ and have reissued it on limited edition coloured vinyls. MetalTalk decided to give the album a reappraisal.

Volbeat – The Strength/The Sound/The Songs (Mascot Records)

Release Date: 26 march 2021

Words: Robert Adams

Every journey starts with a single step. For Volbeat, ‘The Strength/ The Sound/The Songs’ was their first step on a journey that would ultimately lead them to arena headlining status and multi-platinum album sales.

My personal Volbeat journey started by seeing a couple of songs live from the Download festival in 2013. I was intrigued to say the least. I thought they sounded amazing, so I bought their latest album at that time – ‘Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies’.

Blown away by the album, I also saw them at Brixton Academy and was mightily impressed. I worked my way back through their discography and was kicking myself – why had I not heard this amazing band until now?

When I first heard ‘The Strength/The Sound/The Songs’ I knew this was going to be something special indeed!

The thick, chugging riff that opens ‘Caroline Leaving’ just brought a huge grin to my face and it still does 15 years later. Michael Poulson’s baritone vocals sound incredible too. Producer Jacob Hansen did an incredible job of capturing the power of Volbeat. ‘The Strength……’ sounds MASSIVE.

It is testament to the fans love of this debut album that ‘Rebel Monster’, ‘Pool Of Booze, Booze, Booza’, and their wonderful cover of Dusty Springfield’s ‘I Only Want To Be With You’ remain regulars in the Volbeat live set.

Yes, you did read that correctly – Volbeat covered Dusty Springfield’s iconic ‘I Only Want To Be With You’!

Their version is only recognisable when Poulson’s vocals kick in as they have properly Metalled up this country classic.

I personally miss Franz “Hellboss” Gottschalk on lead guitar. He pulls off some gloriously melodic and heavy solos throughout this album.

Through the album’s 15 tracks and 55 minute run time, you will be hard pushed to find something that does not make you smile. Compared to the band’s most recent album – ‘Rewind, Replay, Rebound’, ‘The Strength/The Sound/The Songs’ sounds ultra heavy.

For this 15th anniversary reissue Volbeat have released four different vinyl versions – a green, glow in the dark version exclusive to independent retailers, a brown marble edition exclusive to www.volbeatmerch.com, an exclusive gold/clear marble edition from www.eu.volbeatmetch.com and a red smoke marble edition as well.

They all look beautiful and the album is a bona fide cracker as well.

It really is a win/win situation.

Volbeat – The Strength/The Sound/The Songs

Caroline Leaving
Another Day, Another Way
Something Else Or…..
Rebel Monster
Pool of Booze, Booze, Booza
Always, Wu
Say Your Number
Fire Song
Danny & Lucy (11pm)
Caroline #1
I Only Wanna Be With You
Everything’s Still Fine
Healing Subconsciously

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