Vanir / Viking melodic Death Metal thrives with Dødsfærd

Viking melodic Death Metal band Vanir have released the single Dødsfærd from their forthcoming album Sagas, scheduled for release on 11 March 2022.

Dødsfærd, or deaths journey, is inspired by the Words of Hávi (the High One) as a reminder that all our actions echo in death for our legacies to be judged by.

Vanir, one of Denmark’s most well-known and prominent Viking melodic Death Metal bands, look set to find their sixth album, Sagas, marked as their best album so far. The album is mostly themed around Nordic mythology, with one track a celebration of the work of J.R.R. Tolkien. The song Black Clad is a tribute to the Norse god Brage, but also fans of Heavy Metal.

“During the pandemic, the world of music was turned upside down,” vocalist Martin Rubini says. “This album has been our anchor in the creative part of our lives in a period where all our shows were cancelled, and we still needed to be creative and do what we enjoy, playing Metal.

“With Sagas, we continue the route we laid out with Aldar Rök and Allfather and the vision we have for Vanir.”

Vanir, cover of Dødsfærd

The artwork was created by bassist Lars Bundvad. “For this album, I didn’t write any music,” Lars says. “Having been sidelined due to the pandemic, my immune system is not terribly robust, I wanted to go the extra mile and push myself for the artwork. The Norn portraits a strong feminine character and a sage who holds both wisdom and power. I’m very happy with the result.”

Sagas will be re-released on CD, LP, two different colours, each limited to 300 units, and digital formats via Mighty Music on 11 March 2022.

Dødsfærd is available from vanir.lnk.to/dod


Martin Rubini: vocals
Kirk Backarach: lead guitar
Phillip Kaaber: rhythm guitar
Lars Bundvad: bass
Daniel Kronskov: drums
Stefan Dujardin: keyboard

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