Understanding Germination: Bringing Your Cannabis Seeds to Life

After planting the seeds, every cannabis farmer eagerly expects the day they get a bumper harvest for their investment. The truth is that the journey to a huge harvest depends on whether the planted seeds germinate or die. Thus, seed germination links planting to rich, impressive yields. Without this crucial stage, all other processes, like vegetation and flowering, would be impossible.

This post examines the critical stage of germination and sheds light on all the dimensions for ensuring your cannabis seeds germinate into healthy plants. Keep reading to discover more.

Tips Before Germinating Cannabis Seeds

Here are tips to guide you to your germination stage.

  • Store your cannabis seeds in a sealed polyethylene bag in the fridge, and only take them out when you are ready for germination. The storage process imitates the winter-spring season transition when cannabis sprouts and promotes successful germination.
  • Soak your cannabis seeds in a glass of clean water at a room temperature of 20°- 25°C for 12 hours and place it in a warm environment. We recommend marking the glass to avoid accidents.
  • Don’t soak your seeds in water for over 12 hours because they might lose oxygen and may not germinate. Seeds that float after 12 hours may not germinate.
  • Acquire a water sprayer and set reminders to spray sprouting seeds.
  • Remember to monitor your seeds’ germination dates and stage changes during the growing period. 
  • Don’t leave your seeds in the container for too long before planting them because they will grow overly long taproots that eventually die from lacking conducive growing conditions.   

Seed Germination and Temperature

Paying attention to germination temperature is another key to successful germination. Seeds always require the right moisture and optimal temperature to germinate.

  • The perfect temperatures for seed germination should fall between 22° and 25°C (71–77°F).
  • Your germination environment must be moist but not wet.
  • Relative humidity must fall between 70% and 90%.
  • Minimize the amount of seed handling while preparing them for germination.

Lighting and Germination

Light is another critical pillar to consider in the germination process. Young cannabis seeds need fluorescent or CFL grow lights to sprout well. Don’t expose these delicate plants to excess light during the initial weeks because it can damage them.

It would be best to place your plants at least 12cm away from the lights. After the seedlings have developed proper leaves with jagged edges, moving the lights closer by up to 5cm is safe. You can also test the temperature by placing your hand between the lights and the crops for fifteen seconds. If you don’t feel the heat being too hot on your hand, it’s ideal for your young seedlings. If the heat is too much on your hand, move the lights away by another 2 to 5 cm.

You must adjust the lights to create an ideal environment as your seedlings grow. After a fortnight, you can switch to high-powered grow lights like HPS.

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Seed germination is your starting point for successful growing and harvest. Here is everything you need to learn about seed germination.

Selecting the Right Seeds

Selecting the best marijuana seeds is critical to your cannabis’ germination. Therefore, please pay attention to your seed quality and parameters because their condition directly affects their germination potential. It would help if you determined whether you want to plant Indica or Sativa seeds before proceeding with germination. Go further and choose the preferred strain. Your growing goals will determine this choice, depending on the effects, taste, and aroma you expect from your cultivation project.

You can choose feminized seeds depending on your goals because they offer higher chances of getting more desired female plants. They may not guarantee 100% females, but they will give you a better deal compared to planting regular seeds.

You must select your seeds carefully and examine them before germination. Whether they are feminized or regular, Indica or Sativa, you should test the seeds for viability by looking for the following qualities:

  • Color. Every viable seed is usually dark brown or black, proving its maturity and higher germination chances.
  • Texture. Every healthy cannabis seed is firm when you touch it and doesn’t easily crush between your fingers.
  • Integrity. Check if your seeds are cracked or damaged because they can negatively affect germination.

Understanding Various Germination Methods

Let’s examine the various germination methods you can use with your cannabis seeds. Generally, a viable cannabis seed takes between a few days to a week to show the first signs of life. These seeds can sprout under different settings. You can sprout your seeds using the following methods:

  • Paper towels. This sprouting method is popular among home growers. You only need to take two paper towels and moisten them with water. After moistening them, place your seeds between the moist paper towels’ layers. You will know your seeds are ready for planting when they develop white taproots. 
  • Water soaking. Water soaking is another popular method. It only requires soaking cannabis seeds overnight in a glass of lukewarm water. You can plant them directly in the soil or containers the following day. 
  • Direct planting. This direct method is better than soaking. It only requires you to plant your seeds 0.5 to 1 inch deep in the soil or any other moist growing medium. One of its biggest advantages is that your young shoots won’t be exposed to transplant shock. Moreover, your young plants get acclimated to the environment in which it grows. 
  • Jiffy pots. You may also sprout your seeds in Jiffy pots. These pots are available in plant nurseries and other outlets. You only have to add water and allow them to expand into little pots you can use to grow your cannabis. You have to plant a seed or two in every pot and ensure the soil in the pots is wet. After the seeds sprout, transplant them in their pots to their desired growing destination, such as a garden or container. 
  • Germination stations. Lastly, you can germinate your seeds in specialized germination stations. These stations could include trays filled with soil and head pads below them to keep the soil warm. You may cover them with a clear plastic cover to maintain warmth. These stations are available at local nurseries, or you can improvise them at home. 

Addressing Common Germination Challenges

While careful planning is necessary, germination challenges still arise. Therefore, you should understand and prepare to address them when they crop up. This way, you will be able to solve problems that could cause you huge losses. Below are the top germination hitches and their solutions.

  • No germination. At times seeds won’t germinate during their desired time. If this happens, check their moisture, temperature, and other environmental conditions. If necessary, try using a different germination method. 
  • Damping-off. This fungal disease wilts and kills cannabis seeds. To avoid it, have correct ventilation, avoid overheating, and consider utilizing a fungicide. 
  • Retarded growth. Lastly, seedlings may appear weak or grow slower than usual. This problem might be due to insufficient nutrients and light exposure. To cure it, adjust your light source and nutrient levels. 

Parting Shot

There you have it. We hope this post’s insights have opened your eyes to what you should do to achieve germination success. Go ahead and use them to succeed in your next cannabis growth project.

The author of this material is Lana Braslavska, an expert in cannabis growing and a consultant on proper cannabis seed choice for all user needs. Lana is a regular blogger at AskGrowers, sharing her experience and research findings with everyone wishing to venture into cannabis cultivation.

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