Even though studying usually takes much of students’ time, college is still a perfect place to engage in extracurriculars and develop artistically. Youth often find their true selves during this period. No wonder as they are surrounded by peers with similar interests and passions. Many famous people like Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak met each other while in college. This gave a push to the development of the entire industry.

However, this is not only about great inventions and discoveries. Many creative students find support in college and strive to develop artistically. Thus, young people participate in college performances, musicales, contests, and other events. Those are explicitly designed to promote this other side of personality rather than focus only on education.

Even though students are generally pretty busy with their homework and other assignments, they still find time to do music or play.

If you consider yourself creative and need to dedicate more time to music, listen to this piece of advice. You can always request help writing an essay from a reputable company. Make professionals take care of your assignments and dedicated time to more engaging activities. College is the best place to unite into bands and try to develop artistic talents together.

You probably cannot even guess how many famous successful bands were established at college or university. In fact, if we focus on music only, the list can continue endlessly. Some of them are more popular; others are local ones only. Here are several examples of the top music bands created by students:

The Doors

The members of this world-known band Jim Morrison and Ray Manzarek met at UCLA Film School. It was in 1964, and many American men were afraid of the Vietnam war. Thus, they chose education even though they actually never wanted to study.

Jim and Ray decided that their talents complemented each other’s since one was good at poetry and another played the piano. This is how they established The Doors.

Pink Floyd

Hard to imagine what the world would lose if Roger Waters, Nick Mason, and Richard Wright had not met at Regent St Polytechnic in London. As students who were seeking their place in the world, they were performing under different names before picking Pink Floyd.


Freddie Mercury, Tim Staffel, Brian May, and Roger Taylor were students of several different colleges in London when they decided to join their forces and rock the music industry as a band. Despite all difficulties and having to balance education and music career, the group became successful in Britain and then grew its popularity across the world.


It is hard to find a person who never heard the famous song ‘Losing My Religion’ performed by R. E. M. All members studied at the University of Georgia.

The frontman Michael Stipe gave up studying because he decided to focus on his career in music. However, as he learned Photography, later he headed certain artistic and filmmaking activities for the band.

The Pixies

The Pixies was created by learners who studied together at the University of Massachusetts. Black Francis and Joey Santiago were roommates who suddenly decided to try creating music and lyrics together. Their success as a music band was penetrating and reached far beyond the borders of the U.S.

Wrapping Up

To sum up all mentioned above, college and university are the places where youth can not only study but also develop their artistic potential. These are the places where fateful meetings occur. Some later have a powerful impact on the development of a particular industry.

Thus, formal education is essential not only because it is necessary to land the right job and develop professionally but also to raise students’ awareness of their strengths and help fulfill their creative potential.

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