The Bus Station Loonies release ‘a tribute to the magic of The Bullshit Detector’

More Bullshit is the latest offering from Plymouth’s much-loved ‘cabaret’ Punk Rock outfit, The Bus Station Loonies. They describe the five-track EP as “a tribute to the magic of The Bullshit Detector series on Crass Records.”

Bus Station Loonies – More Bullshit (Ruptured Ambitions)

Release Date: Out Now

Words: Jools Green

The Bus Station Loonies
The Bus Station Loonies

It’s an official tribute, in particular, to several bands featured on that compilation LP series which were originally released between 1980 and 1984. The Bullshit Detector series was created from demo tapes and rough recordings, often of questionable sound quality, along with artwork, all of which were inspired by and sent to the band Crass and released on their own DIY label.

The tracks featured on More Bullshit are; 1933’s Pre-War Germany (Naked – Bullshit detector Vol.2 – 1982), Cancer (Icon – Bullshit detector Vol.1 – 1980), Girls Love Pop Stars (Reputations in Jeopardy – Bullshit detector Vol.1 – 1980), Brutalized (Metro Youth – Bullshit detector Vol.2 – 1982) and Rubber Bullets (7th Plague – Bullshit detector Vol.3 – 1984).

I love the presentation of this release, specifically the attention to detail, from the fold-out poster sleeve, in keeping with the Crass releases and including some of the original Crass artworks, stencil style lettering, to the choice of using a black CD, for the CD version, which looks like a miniature vinyl complete with grooves.

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The Bus Station Loonies – More Bullshit (Ruptured Ambitions)
The Bus Station Loonies – More Bullshit (Ruptured Ambitions)

Musically this release impresses too. Firstly the sound is definitely better than some of those original recordings as many were recorded in places like bedrooms with an old cassette player, inspired by the Crass DIY concept, compared to the studio environment of this recording. But the mastering is cleverly pared back to give a slightly mono, low-fi feel to the sound, reminiscent of the ’80s, which I like, but with no loss of clarity in the sound.

Musicianship-wise, although those original recordings were some great chunks of Anarcho-Punk, The Loonies, after almost two decades, have had plenty of time to hone their skills. So whilst they have stayed true to the original delivery style of the compositions across all five tracks, the quality of musicianship is definitely higher across this EP.

The EP opens with that hilarious comment from Rik, from The Young Ones, from the Bambi episode. “Have you had enough Nazi, or do you want some more?” Added to this recording as an extra entertainment factor, just before first the first track, 1933’s Pre-War Germany and the penultimate track, Brutalized, features guest appearances from Jony Fry on Alto Sax and Rob Northcott on Baritone Sax.

Recorded by Jem at Jemstone Studios, Plymouth, More Bullshit is a superb tribute to those old compilations. I’d happily hear more. It’s an essential addition to the music collections of all the old Anarcho-Punks out there, turn YOUR bullshit detector onto me, and you’ll find I’m telling the truth.

More Bullshit is available as a limited vinyl style compact disc, 7″ vinyl EP in black, white or ginger, all in a Crass style fold-out poster sleeve. Or as a digital download from:

So get in quick before they sell out.

Sleeve Notes

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