The Bloody Nerve / Act 3 Scene 2 Just Arrived

MetalTalk favourites The Bloody Nerve have released March Of The Fiends, which is Episode 8 (aka Act 3 Scene 2). The track is taken from All Blood, No Treasure, which Stacey Blood, the singer and guitarist, alongside the powerhouse vocalist Laurie Ann Layne, have been releasing in a four-series Netflix-style approach.

“The mood of Fiends is pure dread,” Laurie Ann told us. “We kind of pick up where we left off from Episode 7, using synths to build the tension of the track. It’s like a dopamine zombie apocalypse, and it really gave us space to explore some entranced vocal lines. It was really fun to do.”

The Bloody Nerve - Act 3 Episode 8
The Bloody Nerve – Act 3 Episode 8 – March Of The Fiends

As before, the March Of The Fiends is accompanied by an awe-inspiring video. In the confines of a stark, split-personality room – one-half black, the other white – a spectral malevolent figure (Blood) alternates between consoling and tormenting a bewildered figure (Layne). 

This is a track deep in mood, with Stacey Blood channelling his inner Gilmour early in the piece. As the music escalates, so, visually, does the disorienting distortion of time and space, all while the malevolent presence continues its predatory ritual.

“Where Episode 7 [Hard, Hard Winter] was hopeless, Episode 8 is more consequential,” Stacey says. “What’s lurking to reach out and grab you when you’re at your most defenceless? And how easy is it to just give up? The video concept helped us play to that conflict between fight and flight. No blurriness, no grey area here. We like the environments and rooms in the videos to be almost like the main character.”

“Things are going a little quicker now than they were for Acts 1 and 2,” Stacey told MetalTalk on the exclusive release of Hard, Hard Winter. “We were trying to figure it out. There is no manual for this. Nobody’s ever done something like this before where you release something over a long period of time. 

“There’s been parts one and two of albums, but there hasn’t just been a stream of consciousness going on for years. You have to stay with that. So I think we’re getting better at it. We’ve made a few mistakes, rectified those, and we’re learning. It’s definitely a learning experience. We’re learning a lot.”

The final part of Act 3 will be Ruins. Act 3 will be released as a limited-edition 3-track. For more details, visit

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