Suzi Quatro

Suzi Quatro / Enough Charisma To Light Up A City

Gig Review: The Queen Of Rock. Suzi Quatro - The London Palladium. Raw energy, timeless hits, and a lifetime of passion. Enough charisma to light up a city. Words: @pmonkhouse1 Photography: @robert_sutton_photography @suziquatroreal @thelondonpalladium

Suzi Quatro talks through her song choices for Uncovered

In the act of what can only be called musical multi-tasking, Suzi Quatro put her in-between concert time to excellent use with the release of a six-track EP called Uncovered. Suzi talks about her song choices with MetalTalk. @suziquatroreal

Suzi Quatro / ‘I can’t say I’ve never done a room wreck’

The self-titled Queen of Rock and Roll, Suzi Quatro, has just returned to the UK from her Australian tour, but she still made the time for a chat with MetalTalk. @suziquatroreal

Suzi Quatro / Uncovered is an excellent insight into the artist

Suzi Quatro, The Queen of rock 'n' roll, has been putting her in-between concert time to excellent use with the release of a six-track EP called Uncovered.

Suzi Quatro / Watch the Queen of rock ‘n’ roll Uncovered

The Queen of rock 'n' roll, Suzi Quatro, has released the six-song EP Uncovered, recorded under the Tennessee legendary independent record label, Sun Records. @suziquatroreal Photo: @robert_sutton_photography

Suzi Quatro / “Ron Howard and Henry Winkler, I love them both dearly”

Suzi Quatro Interview. Part Two. @suziquatrorealSuzi talks about coming to England, Happy Days, working with KT Tunstall and turning down a chance to record with Elvis.

Suzi Quatro Interview / Royal Albert Hall “was just like being home”

Suzi Quatro Interview. Part One. Suzi talks about her Royal Albert Hall show and rehearsing at full volume stomping around her living room."It's my job to make sure you go out of my show with a big smile on your face. [My father] put that work ethic into me, and I don't relax until everybody's gone."

Suzi Quatro / Queen of rock reigns supreme in London’s Royal Albert Hall

Suzi Quatro - Royal Albert Hall - 20 April 2022. Photography: @robert_sutton_photography We all came away from the Albert Hall having been thoroughly entertained but also with a much greater insight into the life and history of one amazing musician, who, without many of us even realising it, has transformed so much about music. @ suziquatroreal @royalalberthall

Suzi Quatro / Alice Cooper and I “had a dart gun fight in a hotel…”

With Suzi Quatro set to release her latest album 'The Devil In Me' 26 March, MetalTalk spoke with the iconic musician.In Part Two of the interview, Suzi spoke about shooting Alice Cooper,...

Suzi Quatro / ‘The Devil In Me’ is a gem, chock full of surprises

By my reckoning, this is Suzi’s eighteenth studio album and her belief in this one is such that, even before its official release on 26 March, she has told MetalTalk that this...

Suzi Quatro / “I’ll always be the girl from Detroit”

The bass playing, leather clad Suzi Quatro paved the way for female Rock stars in the 70s. In Liam Firmager's 2019 documentary, 'Suzi Q', the likes of Alice Cooper, Debbie Harry and...

Suzi Quatro / Ready to unleash her finest album to date

Suzi Quatro will release her latest album 'The Devil In Me' 19 February 2021 via SPV-Steamhammer and the iconic musician has declared it "the best album in my career to date!"With COVID-19...

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