Udåd / The Primal Black Metal Feeling Of Thomas Eriksen

Udåd - Udåd. It has all the old-school attractions but with good quality production and, without being overproduced, is absolute perfection. Words: Jools Green @peacevillerecords @mork.official

Thomas Eriksen – Mork / A Haunting Evolution To Black Metal

MetalTalk's Steve Ritchie battled with Norwegian dialect and spoke with Thomas Eriksen as Mork prepare for their Rockeklubben, Porsgrunn festival appearance.

Thomas Eriksen – Mork / A Haunting Evolution To Black Metal

Explore the Mork evolution in Black Metal with MetalTalk's interview with Thomas Eriksen. Discover the haunting quality of their latest album, Dypet.

Mork / Dypet an icy blast of sensational Norwegian Black Metal

Mork return with full-length studio release Dypet, follow up to 2021's superb Katedralen, delivering yet another icy blast of sensational Norwegian Black Metal.

Mork / Atmospheric Black Metal, delivered in fine Norwegian style

In under two decades, they've gone from a side project to one of Norway's most highly regarded Black Metal outfits. The quality of the back catalogue shows why. @mork.official @peacevillerecords

Punk and Extreme Metal / Looking Back on 2021: A Year in Review

2021 may not have been the year we have hoped for, but in terms of quality studio releases, musicians across the genres of Punk and Metal have turned adversity into triumph.

Mork / Katedralen is an essential Black Metal listen

Thomas Eriksen, the man behind Norwegian Black Metal act Mork, returns with his fifth studio full length 'Katedralen'.Mork was primarily a side-project created in 2004, but with the debut album 'Isebakke'...

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